Pink dress

One of the most romantic, tender, a bit naive and truly feminine is pink. But, if you move away from common stereotypes and look at the color from the point of view of psychological impact, it is pink out of the whole palette is one of the strongest antidepressants.

This color not only improves mood but also brings a lot of positive emotions, relieves irritability and fatigue. Mood, feeling and overwhelming emotions a woman subconsciously pushing her to choose to wear a pink dress, and these emotions can be both positive and negative. The woman, being in a good mood, and wanting to share it with those around her, choosing the color pink. In the second case, the woman intuitively chooses the color as color therapy from the dullness, fatigue, current problems and dullness.

Color in the clothes along with the style and styles can tell the owner very much.

In modern society the color pink in clothing, usually associated with people with small adorable dressed in pink lace dress, or a typical blonde, surrounded and dressed only in the colors pink, shades that look at the world solely through the glasses of pink. The one and the other pink is just amazing, but that doesn’t mean that only they can wear.

Just have to try on a pink blouse or sweater, and you’ll see what suits you. Pink can wear almost anything with the exception of the owners of lush figures and those who have pink color will accentuate the flaws in the figure.

Speaking of history, it should be noted that before the dress pink wore exclusively on the celebration, such as prom, institutions and schools, it was pink at one stage of time was dresses bridesmaids, and later themselves wedding dresses and so on. Subsequently, the fashion has shaken the foundations of these, and one of the most delicate flowers have become an integral part of women’s wardrobe for many.

Especially actual the color pink today, when dresses in pink shades is a real trend. Today’s colour palette of dresses gives a wide variety of colors ranging from raspberry to light pink shades. Pink as the red color represents female sexuality, but not aggressive.

Dressed in a pink woman carries a passion, but this passion is not abrupt or rude, but gentle and sensual, her love is not the passion or a storm of explosions and unbridled desires, and romanticism, peace and understanding. Women who prefer pink and its shades according to the psychologists as nobody else is able to be the faithful friends and companions because these women are so romantic. If this is what is lacking in your nature, do not hesitate to buy a pink dress, wearing it, you will understand how to change your inner attitude.

Conducted among men the survey about how they perceive the woman in clothes of different colors, showed that a woman dressed in pink, is perceived by men as a girl – baby, but from the point of view of a small child, and women are most ready to be a mother. This perception awakens in man his true nature, male conqueror females, which will continue it to his family. And if this turn of events, which will help to get a desirable man, why not to take advantage of this hint?

But when choosing dresses pink exclusively in pursuit of the wily women’s eternal purpose, be aware of the meaning of shades of pink.

If the shade of pink is closer to almost red color, it indicates to the owner of such color that it extravagant nature, which can sometimes for the most inexplicable things. More calm, sympathize with others and timid persons choose dress pale pink shades. Cheerful, cheerful, active women with an exceptionally positive Outlook choose a bright pink color. Dim and washed out shades of pink choose girls insecure and insular.

It has long been proven that colors play an important role in the treatment of different psychological disorders. Because of its calming effect pink is used in color therapy to treat people with disorders and mental disorder. Designers use this color as a main in the design of children’s rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, this color is used in juvenile institutions. And even a locker room for football players painted in a soothing color, because to focus on the game on another field too, the task is quite stressful.

Take note of this information and change not only your inner world but your home environment with the pink color!

Below in the photo gallery you will see various pink dresses:

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