Oxfords: what to wear, how to choose a model where you have to wear?

Oxfords? Heard something. Probably some object that is associated with the University of Oxford? So. Only, not an object, but the modern fashionable women’s shoes. Men also have this type of shoes. But for them, this model shoes men designed for formal occasions.

Appeared oxfords for a long time. In the 19th century Oxford University students wore boots. This was a typical shoes for men. And then this type of shoes transformed into oxfords. And in 20 years of the twentieth century, Oxford began to wear women. Of course, designers have tried, and women’s shoes are much different from men’s shoes.

However, common features for men’s and ladies oxfords. This is a required lacing. She closed type. Boots, the outer portions of the upper of the Shoe of closed type, cinch the laces. And oxfords are often decorated with perforations.

Women’s oxfords are high slender heel. Up to eight inches. And are oxfords with a small heel. Then, their height about two inches. Oxfords with a low heel is best to wear together with jeans or classic trousers. If you choose jeans, oxfords, choose a more vivid. And you can opt for brown or beige color. Grey and white color is also appropriate here.

Oxfords with high heels look more elegant and feminine. They can be worn with skinny or straight leg pants. They are great in combination with simple skirts. Jeans and short skirts look great with the «oxfords» high heel.

As for the color selection of oxfords, these are the options. Light beige oxfords you can wear together with the dress. Oxfords white color can be worn with a skirt is A-line or with fashionable clothes. Brown and beige versions of the oxfords go well with wide skirts and jeans, shorts and lace dresses.

If you want to wear a business jacket or simply pants, the best shoes are black patent leather oxfords. Wearing oxfords with a combination of several colors, you will attract attention to yourself and shoes.

What to wear on autumn and winter 2012-2013 year? Of course, select women’s oxfords. Designers continue experimenting with the color of women’s oxfords. White and beige, brown and green.

And designers use panels of leather of reptiles. Actual colors remain classic black and white color. In fashion bright and rich colors, turquoise and coral. In fashion today, and oxfords with a pattern of matte and patent oxfords. Stylish and comfortable oxfords good to wear at any time of the year. And you will always feel comfortable.

Of course, women’s shoes for each individual woman. If you decided to wear today oxfords, assume that the simpler the cut of the pants or dresses, blouses or skirts, the extravagant and interesting can be your customized shoes. And try to experiment. Then you will quickly find what suits you the best, and attract the attention of people around you.

Below in the photo gallery you will see oxfords:

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