Outwear fashion 2017

The last few years, designers increasingly are promoting the idea of wearing jackets and jackets as a complement to the overall image. This trick allows you to create style and as corny as it may sound, make a real highlight. After all, the fashion industry is replete with a variety of models and styles of this garment. Besides colors and prints jackets there is really for every taste. Absolutely everyone, regardless of age, gender, weight and other indicators can find what they are looking for and what they will be perfect and special.

The definition of the term and the role of the coat in creating the image

If you look in the dictionary to find the definition of that jacket – this item is exclusively male costume. In recent fashion, more and more refutes this definition. The jacket has long existed in the wardrobes of both sexes.

That’s only since it became part of women’s clothing, it became known as the jacket. Although people and women’s blazers and jackets, you can call one term «jacket». Not to say that this is absolutely wrong, because in fact the jacket is a subspecies of the jacket. Therefore, we will refer to both terms as one common word «jacket». By the way, with the Dutch translated it as «coarse cloth jacket». Whichever term you prefer to describe these clothes is up to you. And now the big question, what is he so important in creating the right appearance?

The role of the coat in creating the female image is invaluable. Have you ever wondered what it is not combined? This is probably one of the few things that will help to create the desired woman the way without sacrificing beauty. It becomes a great addition and casual, and romantic style. What can we say about the business in which the jacket – like a fish in water, it is truly his element.

It is nice that this item of clothing helps to cope with the flaws. And this applies to men as much as women. But unlike the male and female jacket of course the variety of possible images that can happen with women. These men boast, alas, can not.

2017 women’s blazer can instantly help you turn into a Flirty, strict office lady or a sweet romantic beauty. So, what you need to know for those who want, and change just a few strokes, to completely change the way? It is very important to things your ensemble lived separate lives from each other. If you want to create business style, jacket, skirt, dress or pants should be appropriate. If you are going on a date right after work, then you need to throw a jacket less strict forms and more playful colors, and once the image becomes softer.

In addition, it is important to take care about the accessories. They, like the jacket, are the Supplement. So if you will harmoniously pick up supplements, you may look romantic and after working with a strict office dress code. In General, the addition – that is, those couple of strokes, which we just talked about. And the jacket is a rather large application that will definitely be looked up to.

Styles and length women’s jackets 2017

Recent years, most often on the streets you can meet cropped styles of women’s jackets. But 2017 is marked by long, standard, very short models. Moreover, elongated jackets, which are very similar for men (just look elegant and feminine thanks to the fitted cut) the farther, the more gain the attention of fashionistas. Perhaps this is because designers every year more and more intensively promote the style «unisex», and it subconsciously forces you to look into the pros and to adjust it under a delicate feminine nature.

In short, short, and long models can look decent. But the fashion for jackets 2017 for the female half of the population combines unisex style with a feminine cut.

What else this year drew from men’s fashion is prints. Traditional and familiar jacket in stripes or checks able to demonstrate your awareness of fashion trends. Only, again, it should look feminine and elegant.

In recent times the fashion was the style oversize. But the fashion for jackets 2017 strayed from this trend. Oversized models still meet, but are much smaller. To replace them in the fight take a very cute feminine fitted women’s blazers. And to the surprise of the designers even went to the extreme, producing many models of jackets with peplum, which is capable of very expressive to enhance the beauty of the female form. By the way for ladies in the body of the jacket with a peplum not a dream but a reality. A lush beauty can choose a jacket for yourself, because the producers took care of adapting the jacket to any figure.

Once we have raised the oversize, it will give some more recommendations on it. So, you don’t think he is as before in fashion and its main advantage lies in the layering, which again is very popular. Unfortunately look feminine in a fashionable jacket 2017 oversize unlikely to succeed. And in some places in that outfit you just can not understand. But those who have no purpose to look elegant and romantic it can get your voluminous coats (or buy new), plus which in the convenience, comfort, expressing themselves and attracting attention. And of course as already mentioned the ability to wear many clothes, layered top.

Also for lovers of all comfort, we advise to stop the choice on models of straight jackets. This year them on the podium was much more. Yes, and in ordinary life it is easier to find clothes than to oversize. If you will be able to do it, in the literal style you’ll look feminine while maintaining a sense of comfort.

Length sleeveless fashion jacket, 2017

Well, as we have already noted, the most fashionable this year are still jackets on the figure and purely elegant models. They skillfully emphasize the feminine charms. They, unlike volume models, they can be worn everywhere you can imagine.

This year the fitted models can be found in any length, color and any print. And interestingly, 2017 bears a large number of jackets with different length sleeves. Trend this year can be considered a short jacket and short sleeve and sleeveless. With a cropped, in principle, everything is clear, but we dwell. But the sleeveless jacket is really something unusual, although in fact there is nothing supernatural. The sleeveless jacket is reminiscent of a vest, which is made of the fabrics used for sewing jackets. Impressive long jacket without sleeves, but the model up to mid buttocks do not look less interested.

Outwear fashion 2017

Outwear fashion 2017

Outwear fashion 2017

As for the length of three quarter sleeves and standard length, they also had a place in collections. These options are more preferable cool period or for summer evenings.

Sleeve, which covers only the shoulders can be a simply elegant complement of the image. Of course, to warm it you can’t, but for warm days very suitable. Anyway the main role of coat to complement the fashionable way, so to speak, a warming element, it is unlikely, even with a long sleeve. The maximum – to protect from a light breeze.

As you can see this year in fashion, any sleeve length, the main thing is to look in the mirror and decide for any jacket to be longer to match your outfit and which will really become the highlight and can very well complement the image, making it solid and complete.

Zipper fashion jackets 2017

We advise you to see the fashion trends on the zipper of the jackets. After all, there are quite a lot – lightning, classic buttons (one or three or many in a row), belt, buttons. There are jackets without buttons. Just say, fashion 2017 categorically does not prohibit anything, so choose the favorite option will be easy.

For example, women’s jacket, 2017 zipper is more reminiscent of the ladies ‘ short and elegant jacket. Lightning can be located asymmetrically and symmetrically. All asymmetry also holds the position of leader, but if you have the zip flat and straight, asymmetrical can be for example the top or bottom of the jacket that will give even more uniqueness to your thing.

Buttons – at least a popular variant of clasp among designers. They can be really function, and can act and simple decor, while the jacket can be fastened to, for example, hooks, or be completely open.

Fastened with buttons in the main classical models of jackets. And since this year designers turned to the classics, this version of the zipper became very popular. Look stylish jackets in one, two or three buttons. For classic designers and don’t offer more, because the more buttons , the less officialdom.

Jacket buttoned, unlike other variants of fasteners, it is best to create the image of a business lady. But that’s its pointedness. To choose a jacket with buttons for date or meeting with friends more difficult, as it in itself is a classic basis.

Very fashionable jackets 2017 with or without the belt buckles at all. In the case of a belt will allow you to focus on the slimness of your waist. Such models in the collections was quite a lot, so having a good figure you can look for this variant. Well if the belt will be different, for example in color, or made of a different material. These jackets look very feminine and elegant, so choose this for the occasion or date is not exactly difficult.

If you consider stylish jacket without a belt, it can be a good decorative cloak, able to convey the mood of the mistress and to be in topic right atmosphere. Their highlight is that they can be with different print and a completely different colors and styles. In such jackets, the main focus is not on the clasp, so they can be very bright, colorful and perky. They have a decorative function and therefore can be decorated in different ways. It’s true that the scenery becomes really basic in character.

Materials for sewing jackets 2017

This year you have the opportunity to purchase a jacket made from almost all materials. If you are planning to buy a model for office, better to turn to classic suiting fabrics familiar to the eyes of the traditional geometric prints (strip cell). In this case, you can’t go wrong with fashion, because these simple patterns this year, the designers used very often and for any clothes.

For summer you can take a more lightweight fabric up to the lace. Linen and cotton jackets will emphasize your elegance, but nevertheless does not affect the comfort. Because these fabrics are very pleasant to the body and does not create discomfort.

Special attention should be paid to materials such as leather and blue denim. This year the jackets of these coarse fabrics designers complement any look, even the most cute and romantic. For example, denim and leather jacket very well may look cute next to a light chiffon dress. If earlier such a combination seemed not quite acceptable, the latest fashion shows on the contrary say about such a mixture of styles.

Leather and denim jackets can be of any length and, as we have said, to combine them with almost any clothing. Denim can also be decorated with embroidery, fur, metal accessories, fringe or beads that will help in creating a variety of images. Leather in turn is not particularly decorated, high – fringe, zippers and other metal gadgets or fur for the autumn models. But this does not prevent them to make your image bright and showy.

As for color leather jackets – choose at your own discretion. In fashion, any colors and shades. So you take a black leather jacket or blazer with color of skin – not much of a difference. The main thing that he sends your image and character correctly.

Outwear fashion 2017

Outwear fashion 2017

Outwear fashion 2017

Two trend material outwear fashion 2017 – velvet and suede. They are able to create soft-looking images. Boom suede and velvet clothing is projected closer to the fall. Because this material is still largely warmer than their relatives. Designers preferred more dark and brown colors sand suede.

Bright jackets are more popular among other, older materials. Bright and rich colors can meet and in the jacket, sewn from classic suiting. Popular is and all pastel colors. In the delicate colors once the image is soft and sophisticated. Classic gray fabric, too, have their particularly high place in the ranking of fabrics for sewing jackets 2017.

Decor and prints jackets 2017

The already mentioned strip is breaking all records of the tendency of designers. Regardless of whether vertical or horizontal, zig-zag or crossed, you will still in trend.

In addition to strips designers offer the jacket in ethnic style. They are bright, vivid and saturated. In such suits the mood of the owner and others instantly becomes rosy. After all, ethnic patterns are very fascinating, and the adoption of them is on a subconscious level.

For bright individuals in addition to ethnic motives it is possible to take note of fashionable leopard print 2017 because again at the peak of his fame. As long as your jacket was made of high quality material. Then the product looks expensive and attractive.

Also those girls who want to look bright, can look for jackets with colorful abstract paintings.

Of course, in the described experiments with color and decor will agree not every fashionista, but brave ladies may well add that sparkle to their image.

And give a few tips for bold beauties like still using a jacket to show his nature. Very stylish look jackets with patch pockets that are distinctly different from the rest of the product. Interesting look jacket decorated with hinges, stones and various kazakami in the form of brooches and the like orders, as well as 3D applications. Boring clothes like this nobody will dare to call.

A more modest person can choose just a jacket with bright floral print, which can also convey the vivid personality of the owner.

Stylish decor of the image may be simple jacquard jacket. Although too light it will not name, as he is able to turn up the light and make you very special and unlike any other even without any decorations or applications. Jacquard style is at once moderate and creative. To him as to ethnic motives, is formed inside affection, because he like the comfort of home and care.

Outwear fashion 2017

Separately want to label jackets with fur decoration. Fur, whether natural or artificial, by itself attracts enough attention. This year some designers have proposed fur as the main material for tailoring of the jacket. Others went the other way and advised him simply to make the fur elements of decoration on the products. Probably fur jacket is one of the few that is designed not only to complement the look. He is also really warm.

The number mnogofakturnye jacket also increased significantly. Patchwork made their way into all the clothing. This style of doing and blouses, jackets and even shoes. Some of the products look even absurd, and some very cute. For example, the combination of denim with leather or sometimes textile looks quite stylish, although quite unusual.

In any case, the patchwork is trendy the trend, and carry the weight of his designers. So if you have a lot of quality pieces of fabric that are a pity to throw away, you may try yourself something to sew. After all, if you have a creative thinking, the product can get and the truth is not only beautiful but also exclusive. For example, inserts of different tissue can only be on the sleeves, or a nicely created on the sides. Then the figure can be slightly corrected by smoothing the waistline. So do not be afraid of such a bold technology. It may well be a lifeline.

Outwear fashion 2017

Also in fashion jackets 2017 note on a fashionable jacket with fringe. Fringe is able to any product to give beauty, originality and sophistication. Attire your appearance can attract attention, because fringe is always very feminine, and now fashionable. And this year it may not be a short one. On the contrary, in fashion, long fringe on the sleeves, back, and possibly across the product.

Choosing a jacket with fringe, the only thing it is advisable to provide this new service to other clothes in your toilet. It should not be too challenging. The image should be moderate, not rude. An excessive amount of decors other clothes put the image, making it sloppy.

Conclusion on the subject of «Outwear fashion 2017»

To summarize, we can say that the blazer is a compulsory part of the wardrobe of any girl. It is particularly important in creating the office style. But even if manual you do not need business clothes, you just have to have a jacket to visit other places.

This is one item that will be able to convey the mood and Express your personality. Additionally, the jacket may well be the perfect romantic evening, and casual looks. You have in very rare cases, the question may arise «what combination of jacket?». For now, this is not the only part of classic men’s suit, which will only fit trousers with creases, strict dress and pencil skirt. So, with these things you will be pretty and will be the subject of discussion and criticism. But the jacket looks good and with a romantic blouse and a light summer dress, with a cropped top, and even with jeans.

In General, the jacket is an assistant in the formation of not only a strict image. It is more help in creating an easy and relaxed creative and sexy, and in any other way. It is easy to accessorize, and if you choose them subtly and with a sense of proportion, it is possible to achieve these heights and to be truly elegant and exclusive lady. In short, for any location the «right» jacket would be appropriate. So if you do not have one fashionable item in the wardrobe, I recommend you buy several to create new and interesting images.

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