Outfit bridesmaid bridesmaid. What to wear the maid of honor?

Best friend is getting married and invites you to be a witness. It is honorable and one of the key roles in the wedding. Outfit bridesmaid bridesmaid is no less important than other attributes of the wedding. It happens when the bride thinks herself not only his image, but also a friend. Otherwise, the choice of dresses for the bride stays behind. How should dress for the bride?

The first and most important rule – length bridesmaid dress at the wedding should match the style of the celebration.

Wedding «classics»

If the groom in a black suit and the bride in a dress of white taffeta, it’s always wedding in a classic style. For this style of wedding attire for girls, simply long evening or cocktail dress (below the knee). Not acceptable, if the witness will come to the holiday mini, plunging neckline or extravagant attire. Dress in white or its shades, pant suits are not acceptable. To avoid any embarrassment, and possible benefits, dresses for bridesmaid it is better to negotiate before the wedding with the bride. The ideal option is to choose it with her.

Outfit bridesmaid bridesmaid. What to wear the maid of honor?

Unusual wedding, wedding theme

Modern weddings are increasingly different from the traditional, every couple wants to make this day memorable like no other wedding. You can choose the style and match it all, at least the young and witnesses (it may be a fun pirates or fairy tale characters). Therefore, to think about outfits for the witnesses should also be carefully as for himself. In fact, in addition to young on wedding video and photo most other witnesses. So the dress for the girl should be in line with the theme of the wedding.

Wedding in European style

Quite relevant today to do a wedding in the European style, where several of her friends, dressed in the same or similar evening dresses. These outfits look great on photos, especially of nature. However, there are pros and cons. Bridesmaids will not always be equal as on selection», most often they are of different ages, sizes and looks. And the outfit that will go one, will not go for another girl. In this case, it is advised to choose the cloth or fabric one color and sew a dress for each individual style.

Color bridesmaid dresses

Given that pals banned the color white, yet not any attire will be appropriate and look beautiful in the pictures. So, it is best to choose for wedding pastel colors. Ideally, if the attire for the bride is solid, without a busy pattern). The most appropriate will be shades of pink, blue, green, silver and pale gold. Saturated and bright colors are best avoided as well as dark (to add a touch amount).

For many reasons a bride chooses a wedding dress rental. First of all, it is much cheaper. The same applies to the outfit for the bride. In the wedding salons you can pick up any evening dress for bride. But if in the same cabin to choose the dress for the bride and bridesmaids to see how they will look.

Accessories bridesmaid dresses

At the wedding the witness has an important role, it has to perform many duties in the course of the event. That is why we need a reasonable approach to the selection of accessories.

The shoes of the witness. It is not recommended to wear high-heeled shoes, is better on average (will have to walk, run and dance). Definitely need to bring shoes (eg ballet flats to match the dress). Also the choice of the height of the heel depends on your height and the bride. The witness must not be too higher or too lower bride. This is comical.

Gloves. There are formal dresses, which are attached to the gloves to the elbow. Beautiful, but uncomfortable. Since man’s main squeeze, you need to choose the compromise (or fingerless gloves with elegant eyelet).

Handbag bridesmaid – a kind of stash is the most diverse, but the need for bride things. The bride at the wedding should hold only the bouquet, the rest is kept by the witness. Therefore, the handbag needs to go dress, or stitched to it under the order. It should be placed hairpins, hair clips, cosmetics, needle and thread, tissues, spare tights or stockings, and headache tablets. Also need a separate bag with a change of shoes for the bride and bridesmaids, scarves (for the Church) and other things that will be stored in the car.

Headdress and jewelry. If the bride has no such accessories in addition to bridesmaid dresses, cap may be appropriate. You can decorate the beautiful hairstyle with pins or flowers. However, it is not necessary to wear a huge hat or jewelry that will interfere. Selection of jewellery and costume jewellery must be restricted (necklace, rings or earrings small size), so as not to overshadow the bride.

Makeup for bride

Make-up should be no less careful than with other parts of the outfit. Makeup is desirable to do and the bride, and witness one of the professional. Makeup artist, seeing the attire for girls, can choose the best color scheme. It is worth considering that most of the time the wedding is held outside, so bright evening make-up will not be appropriate.

The role of bridesmaid at the wedding is very important and a lot of responsibilities (helping the bride, participation in competitions, etc.). So comfortable and beautiful clothes, chosen with taste, will help not only the most easily fulfill its role at the wedding, but will decorate holiday friends and cheer up.

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