Office dress code

Fashion office clothes this year, provides for us a huge selection of solutions, which we will not differ from the gray mass of employees of the office.

So here we go:

1. For office clothing entrenched the conventional stamp which is expressed in clean lines, understated colors and traditional simple styles. With the game of contrasts is possible to present yourself in a favorable perspective and become individual.

In the future, the designers are advised to use a combination of dark and light garments, and the most expressive combination is white with black. This year allowed the addition of female parts to office outfits: the dress or simply blouse, you can add small ruffles, or in a reasonable amount of lace and insertion.

Business suits, fashion this season, you can provide more style and femininity, with flowing silhouettes and elegant tailoring. This costume can be worn to informal gatherings.

Little black dress or dark blue can give a completely new look, a hedgehog-it is to accessorize with gold or silver, or decorate with bright scarf. And here is another very interesting solution this season may be the classic top combined with a very feminine bottom – the original and at the same time rigorous way.

2. In addition to shades classic fashion office wear merciful to relaxed soft cream shades and muted variants of ruby, purple, blue and green colors that can be used as a contrasting detail in the wardrobe. Here not without coffee in the palette, and the shades of silver and pearl colors perfectly match with the cut single-breasted jackets. But do not forget about the rule of three flowers and the implementation of the combination of different fabrics in texture and density.

Another equally original and fashionable solution for office outfits in this year was exemplary office suit, complemented with a blouse or definitely animal-vegetal designs and a stylish leather strap at the waist. This is a novelty in the office, which follows the strict requirements of the office style.

3. Pay your attention to accessories that are used to complete a full office style. Because with these parts, you can make an individual the most conservative ensemble.

This year become the fashion thin belts of average width. Allowed, except for the accessories of black color using other shades and colors are perfectly chosen to match the top of a business suit. You can still complement your look eye-catching scarf, sewing scarf, tie, handbag, watches and other small, elegant ornaments (as jewelry, and jewelry).

Shoes in the office can be worn not just strictly black and pastel shades. A good solution in this case is platform boots or low heel, ankle boots, shoes with a angled toe. These shoes will accentuate your elegance and elegance.

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