Nightwear: varieties, descriptions, differences

There are two kinds of nightwear: pajamas and shirts. They are all presented in wide assortment for every taste and color. Forget about the warm panties — wear the best tight silk shirts that will emphasize all your dignity. If you buy a shirt from translucent chiffon, your body will look mysterious shrouded in a gentle haze.

The classic variant. Normal or low girls suit long layered shirts. They will help to hide figure flaws and draw out your silhouette. Never confuse them with a warm shirt with sleeves and buttons at the throat!

Back in fashion classic long pajamas. They consist of jacket on buttons and pants to mid-calf. They are very useful in our harsh climate. Remember that nightwear must be free to during sleep you won’t be pulled and not aroused. The elastic on the shorts or panties should not be tight, otherwise by morning the body will be visible on banners. Thus to sleep in normal underwear is not recommended.

Nightwear should be made of natural fabric that absorbs moisture of the skin. One of the most popular fabrics are chiffon and silk. Recently very often used combination tissues. In the treatment of re-employing a variety of bows, lace, tucks, ruffles.

Very fashionable this season are pajamas and shirts from «animal» color. These include : the skin of a Panther, tiger, leopard or even zebras. Choose underwear in accordance with your behavior in bed! Among the flowers dominated by a searing blue — dirty Burgundy and ultramarine. When choosing the color of underwear repelled the mood that it gives you. Red means aggression, white – chastity and innocence, and pink — flirting and playfulness, creates a blue woman delicate and peaceful.

Any nightwear, there is a so-called «outerwear». It includes: gown and robe. Robe is a lightweight robe with one button under the bust. It comes with a nightgown. Very beautiful gown, trimmed with velvet or brocade. The Bathrobe has multiple fasteners in the form of buttons or garters.

Don’t forget about the main thing : the gown or the doctor need a silk bed shoes on a low heel. So your suit to sleep is considered complete. Although a fully complete image ends in a small silk purse, purchased in the color of the kit.

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