New/old collection from Kanye West

New/old collection from Kanye West

At fashion week in new York Kanye West is, frankly, not expected. At the beginning of the event, the fashion show was out of the question. But impulsive and abrupt Kanye decided to make their own adjustments. Naturally, such a famous character was given a chance to speak».

I must admit that we expected something crazy, conceptual, original… And saw the first collection of Kanye, which for half a year. To say we were impressed is to say nothing. But in the end, he’s an artist and it is his right to speak as he tells the heart, soul, and Muse.

However, this show provoked great resonance in social networks and the media. Thoughts literally divided in half – some say that the collection was a failure, the other ecstatic. Who is right — not judge us. We just to quote Kanye himself, he read the recitative before the show:

«There is a special type of people who write negative comments. They do this in order to laugh at you and say: «Well, why are you still trying to do something?»»

We were wondering, what do you think about this?

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