Natasha Koroleva showed the figure at rest (photos)

Natasha Koroleva showed the figure at rest (photos)

Famous singer and just a charming woman Natasha Koroleva for a long time does not lose interest from the fans. Just recently artist posted in Instagram its pretty explicit photos in a bikini. Natasha with her beloved husband Tarzan resting in Ibiza. It was the husband and was the author of the juicy shots.

Not so long ago released a new clip Natasha Koroleva «Apricot love». Many fans of the singer were disappointed: Natasha appeared in the movie is very chaste, no explicit scenes. Apparently, reading the comments in the discussion of the clip, the Queen decided to rectify the situation and to please their fans with a series of candid photographs.

And the fans forced the star to wait long for the enthusiastic reaction to the photo session. Compliments are showered by rain, the delight of luxurious forms of the singer, barely covered bikini, was uncontrollable and emotional. A few quotes from subscribers: «What a figure! ! ! «»Natasha, You are great! «.

Natasha Koroleva has not hide his joy of the holiday. A photo and signed: «Stay! ! ! Yay! ! ! «Some romantic touch in the song brings cooled in an orange bucket of champagne, gently hit the frame.

Could not resist Natasha and the temptation to boast of a photo of your beloved husband Sergey Glushko, known to the public under the estate of Tarzan. But here’s the thing — Sergei on these images «too dressed up», which is not pleasing to connoisseurs of beautiful male bodies. So, should we wait for new surprises and new exciting photo-happy couple. Tarzan just have to follow the example of the Queen and to throw off the clothes, because the long-sleeve shirt, shorts to the knee and goggles half face hidden Tarzan of admiring glances from admirers.

By the way, «Tarzan and the mermaid» recently celebrated their thirteenth wedding anniversary. Under one of the pictures with her lover Natasha wrote: «Our love Apricot… . «

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