«Museum» gingerbread «by Faberlic» — ecosumo from LOQI

Possible every day, to enjoy the arts? Of course so, if you are a happy owner of ekosumki from the «Museum Collection» by LOQI probably one of the most memorable collections.

The bag is very important accessory. With its help you can change your style. But today we talk about the bags that exactly nobody can remain indifferent. Why? Yes, because you will be walking around town with a bag which shows the painting by Malevich or van Gogh, and maybe Queen Elizabeth II during her coronation. And, perhaps you will stop your choice on the famous «Rapture» by Gustav Klimt with the image of a dreaming woman.

A lot of small

One of the great thinkers claimed that many inherent in the small. Choosing for himself Akosombo, you will not use the package. And since this kind of bag can last for three years, so you’ll refuse a huge number of packages, and thus will not create a mountain of garbage, plastic, hard recycled. But that’s not all the advantages of such bags.

Ecosumy very reliable, durable and lightweight. It weighs about fifty five grams and is able to withstand loads up to twenty pounds. This ecosumy made of thick polyester. It will not take much space, because it can even fit in your pocket. And here it doesn’t even matter carefully you have made or crushed.

Bag you can fold into a pouch, zipped. The print on this bag replicates the print on the bag. This pouch you can also use to store small things. Also you can roll your bag into a roll, which can fasten the button to lock. And if you want this bag to put in your pocket.

Exceptional functionality

Even if we choose a handbag based on its appeal, we still get it because of its functionality. Consist of handbags will be for you just an indispensable accessory. As you can use them?

Purchased in certain goods, light or heavy, we can put in the bag. If you are going for a walk and you need to take everything that you come to the aid of this bag. You can even put your pet, if its dimensions allow it. Maybe you do not even dreamed of such a comfortable and functional accessory. By the way, this collection presents one of the last works of Henri Rousseau called «the Dream.» So buy these handbags and enjoy them!

How to wear?

You choose to wear you this accessory in hand or on the shoulder. The bag features a large handle allowing to wear it as you wish. Handles great and help evenly distribute the weight, so this bag will not get you to RUB his shoulder. And you can even trust this bag to her partner, especially if it depicts such works as «Black cross» or Malevich’s «the Treachery of images» by rené Magritte. These bags can be worn by men of any age.

Care Akosombo

All the accessories you need to take care of. Your ecosumy also will be no exception. However, despite the fact that she is very graceful, she doesn’t need any special or constant care. Due to the fact that it is made of nonwoven fabric, it is very easy to wash. Just soak it and rinse or throw in the washing machine with colorful things. This bag does not change shape, does not fade and dries very quickly.

Even if your bag is very vivid print, you can not be afraid that he will deteriorate in the wash. Paint on your bag will remain as vivid as they were originally.

Give people the art

Among your acquaintances is bound to have lovers of art. And they also have their favorite paintings. Perhaps in this collection you will be able to find exactly what they will love.

So why not to please and others, giving them such an unusual and original accessory? Romantics can give a «Starry night» by van Gogh, lovers of Japan – Japanese haori with white and red cranes, and for those who promised you, perfect work of Rene Magritte called «the Promise.»

Choose the print that is most suitable to you. In this case, your handbag will become your favorite accessory, and to learn the art you will be able daily.

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