Most beautiful and fashion lace lingerie – 2017

Beautiful lace lingerie is clothing that will not leave anyone indifferent: neither women nor men. Only that not all can admit to yourself.

Today we look at very sexy and beautiful lingerie.


The name of this Italian brand with a rich history means «pearl». This linen admired the legendary fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, who in an interview this underwear brand called «gem sets».


Linen this fashion house is traditionally all we are pleased with the elegance of the silhouette and perfection.


This Latvian brand stockings and underwear was created by one of the most successful in Eastern Europe, designers lingerie, stockings and Oriental dress the name Inese Ozola.


The underwear of this British brand of conservatism did not differ never. Their collections always appears in the clothes, which is nothing can not hide, the clothes of some wild flowers.


Is an internationally known brand from the UK producing sexy clothes, lingerie and playful accessories. Its name, which translates as «a secret agent who incites to action, which can lead into a trap», it is fully justified.


This French underwear brand created its own model in the spirit of artistic fantasy and modern fashion. Embroidery, lace, and color models – exclusive in their production is about fifteen kinds of materials, one of the main among which is the famous lace slim work «Kale».


This brand also carries the name «God Swarovski underwear», because its masters known technology is applied to the silk and lace pictures of crystals and stones, with interesting transitions and unusual stones that Swarovski produces exclusively for them.


The name of this Polish brand of underwear is translated as «passion» that speaks for itself. This is a luxury linen, in which every woman will feel like a Queen.


And this Italian brand was created in 2004 by fashion designer Chloe Esteban Embry. Its name translates as «Horny». And their lingerie is the name is fully justified.


This French lingerie brand draws its inspiration in the aesthetics of boudoir. He knows a lot about the art of seduction and was awarded a large number of awards. No one can remain indifferent to the collection of bras and garters, and panties translucent from expensive luxurious fabrics.

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