Miroslava Duma

Miroslava Duma became famous worldwide thanks to its refined style and taste. A lot of girls in all parts of the Earth would call her a style icon spodvigshaya them on a radical change of image. Miroslava Duma is a very petite girl, with the growth of 154 cm and her weight is only 48 kg.

Miroslav was born 10.03.1983. Her father, Vasily Duma, a member of the Federation Council. Miroslav is married and has a son George. Husband Aleksey Mikheev, a well-known businessman. Behind the girl a diploma from a prestigious Moscow University MGIMO specialty «journalism». This was a starting push for further career growth. His practice Miroslav took place in a fashion magazine «Harper’s Bazaar», where the girl was noticed and was offered a position of editor of special projects. Also Miroslav is a creative fashion-editor of another fashion magazine — OK.

Miroslava Duma keeps appearing in the gossip — fashion shows, various events are not without our heroine. It is removed for the covers of glossy magazines, interviewing her, invite n shoot various TV shows. Miroslava’s personal life is not so widely known. You will not find photos with her husband or pictures of her son.

Miroslava Duma is engaged in charity. In particular, she is the founder of charity Foundation Peace planet. The Foundation raises funds for older people with cystic fibrosis for the education of children — orphans.

Fashion magazines, the author of which is Miroslava Duma, are proud to have partnered with her. The girl is a recognized critic in the field of fashion. Neither growth, nor weight does not prevent Miroslava become a fashion icon.

Below in the photo gallery you will see the style of Miroslava Duma:

Miroslava Duma

Miroslava Duma

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