Miracle lace. Choosing underwear for new year’s eve.

Good romantic style is now in lingerie, made of lace with ornaments of flowers.

For curvy women.

Bra underwire for women with lush Breasts have wide straps and cups that have the seal at the bottom specifically designed to with the greatest comfort you can wear such clothes.

For figure correction.

To hide some figure flaws, there are bras, shoulder straps on which are located at a great distance from each other, allowing you to maintain a large chest. And panties in this series have special elastic inserts positioned on the abdomen and thighs, designed to hide the fullness.

To create the perfect lines.

If a woman has a small but high Breasts, she is the most suited bra with soft boning and lace panels.

Focus color.

Beautiful colors enhances the charm of this bedding set. On the edge of the panties and bra have a lace insert. And panties made so that will help to hide the plump midsection, and highlight the waist.

For slender thighs.

Classic set of lace, which consists of panties, have a straight waist line, and Underwired bra will help to achieve the perfect figure. If a woman chooses to wear pants with a high waist, this model will help her look beautiful.

Rules for the choice of linen, worn under evening dress.

  • Under tight dresses and also dresses that have deep necklines should wear jeans which have slim straps.
  • Under dress with a deep neckline, you should wear bras that have no straps, but with the help of the seed and seals in the side seams and hem of the cups.
  • If you want to wear a dress with a cutout back, and at the same time, a high collar, the most appropriate model will be a bra with a single strap that fastens at the neck.
  • If the dress has wide arm openings, it is necessary to opt for a bra that has cross straps and a strip of elastic fabric, which helps to maintain the chest.
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