Mint green – what to combine and wear

Last year the mint shade became very popular, but strange that it’s popularity lasted for a long time, and this color remains as popular even in this warm season. At the moment, designers have paid due attention to this tint, as if you do not pay the right amount of time, it will be a big mistake.

Now let’s get to the minty color. To say thank you for it have Marc Jacobs, who became very much involved with hint of mint. This season this shade offer the most well-known firms such as Chanel, Christopher Kane, Valentino and many others. Actually it’s very simple — you just need to try on this shade. That is not a few important things this shade as an expensive luxury brands, and democratic brands. It turns out that modern can look like any girl, despite the fact how much she means.

Let’s look at the moment with how best to combine mint color. You should pay attention to pastel shades of pink, beige and other colors. Another plus is the black, white and brown. The most important is to guess the shade of the latter. You should not use red and orange color, as this combination, you’ll look quite silly.

Dress this color, probably the most popular thing in this season. Styles can be completely different — similar to the case created from light fabrics, with a variety of textures and lace for evening dinner or a romantic date.

You should also pay attention that in this season there is a huge selection of clothes of this colors: jeans, skirts, shorts and other things, including cosmetics. From cosmetics, you might prefer mint shades of makeup that emphasize all the freshness of the image.

Despite the fact that mint green is cold, while it looks very gentle and feminine, therefore, you will always look very cool and business-like.

Separately to say about that except for the shades of mint this season remains a popular bottle color and juicy green Apple. The latter goes well with neon and acid colors, that is, if you have a huge desire to be the center of attention, the case of Apple tint have to be in your wardrobe.

Not to be confused with the mint color with the turquoise. It is more rich and dense, despite the fact that soft color is light and cool. Mint color many people associate with ice cream. So, if you have these associations come to mind at the sight of a thing, you actually the mint color.

Dress turquoise color

You have to understand the fact that mint shade is suited for any girl that is a very important point. The most important thing that you need to do is to set the accents at the expense of extra items and accessories, therefore, it is necessary to stock a variety of fashionable ideas.

Below in the photo gallery you will see what to combine and wear mint green:

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