Miley Cyrus staged fights in the hotel

The American singer Miley Sarius has long been famous for its antics. People who are confronted with his inappropriate behavior, I believe that the reason is the illness star, not bad parenting.

Miley Sarius at the moment, the tour Bangerz Tour. After a concert in new York, by the way, very successful, Miley with his band stormed into a luxurious hotel in the Big Apple Greenwich Hotel and made it an absolute riot.

Eyewitnesses say that the girl and her friend behaved very aggressively already at the lobby.

«Got the impression that the hotel broke in the hurricane. The whole company shouted, swearing, satellites Miley was Smoking, and it seems that it’s not just cigarettes» — so eyewitnesses describe the behavior of the young singer.

The hotel staff tried to calm the raging Miley, but it caused the opposite reaction.

The singer was screaming that paying the hotel a lot of money for the staff and the owners of the network should be eternally grateful to her. She can also choose another hotel. I had feeling that Miley Sarius does not understand what is not on the stage and in the hotel. Star was throwing tantrums like she’s a spoiled little girl, not an adult, experienced woman. All of her behavior spoke about the serious aggravation of a star at a young 21-year-old star.

We remind you that just a few days ago the singer gave a pig. Miley Sarius is a passionate lover of animals, and this Hrushko she received the gift of birthday from prirodookhrannoy organization RETA.

The photo with the pig Miley has posted on his page in social networks. This is the second pig Saryusz.

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