Mike’s an alcoholic: how and what to wear

Mike – convenient wearable item of clothing. Approximately 60-ies of the last century shirts were worn only as underwear. And note, our country has adopted it as a common item of street fashion immediately. But time goes, and now Mike and we and abroad is worn in the same way as a normal blouse or sweater. This is the standard outerwear for the summer period both female and male half of the population. Now it will not surprise anyone.


Traditional t-shirt, an alcoholic is considered to be a plain white t-shirt with round neck knitwear, which is not decorated with pictures and other decor.

Now this shirt designers alter at its discretion. Nowadays Mike is an alcoholic – is the Mike any length (both short and long), any shape (bottoms or tops), any color, any print.

Designers moved away from the classic white option. But in any case, the main advantage of Mikey’s remains. After all, it looks quite not usually takes the main focus, and a Laurel wreath stays in shape, because all the delights of the male and female body remain visible and not hidden under lots of clothes.

Now the shelves are teeming with variety of styles and colors, and we can confidently say that gone are the time when Mike was clothing every day for the working class. Nowadays it is one of the most popular items of clothing of any person. Note, some girls wear such jerseys even without underwear.

Mike is an alcoholic with a podium

Nowadays, any fashion show «spring-summer» brings us an interesting and unusual model-shirts alcoholic. Balmain a few years ago showed the audience a «dirty» shirt, which was unusual. Costume National back in 2011 was presented to the audience Mike «shimmering» all the colors of the rainbow.

Increasingly popular t-shirts with inscriptions. But ordinary single color does not lose its leading position in the fashion weeks. Celine has long offered us shirts from delicate silk and they are very loved by girls around the world. And Mikey fishnet Iceberg copy and alter to your taste of various clothing manufacturers.

What to wear?

Of course the first jeans. In this case, the winner is figure. Stylish, fashionable, a little sexy. Anyway any pants under this shirt fit perfectly.

Mike is an alcoholic just looks gorgeous under strict and not as elongated and shortened, jackets and blazers.

For gym or athletic field, you can wear this shirt under a sport trousers, pants, or shorts. Shoes perfect shoes or sneakers. Sports, and most importantly comfortable style created.

Note one more thing – Mike peerless classic looks great on dark skin. So in hot weather it is convenient not only because it reflects sunlight, but also highlights your tan.

That’s just remember one thing. Like in school – keep your posture! After all, we already mentioned that this tank will be flattering. But if the back is curved it will be even more noticeable.

Well, if you keep your back straight — this is not a problem, you all the roads are open, as t-shirts in stores strength-strong: from the modest to the festive, from the ordinary to the informal, from plain to colorful.

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