Micro skirt

Undoubtedly, micro skirt is very skimpy piece of clothing. But very favorite mostly modern girls and with the first rays of the spring sun that is micro-skirts are worn in the first place. But the most persistent do not remove them until the first frost. And in winter you can see here and there glimpses of legs, accented by super short skirt. Very much this sexy piece of clothing that is loved by the modern fashionable women!

Could not pay for it and the contemporary designers the most famous fashion houses. Therefore, the micro-skirt has become extremely popular in the winter collections. Moreover, micro-skirts jostle even their longer sisters MIDI and Maxi. And if, just a few years ago, designers did not seek to introduce micro-skirts in their collections, today they appear in all the shows of the most incredible interpretations, even in the outfits, which designed for the business woman.

I wonder how a modern Director would refer to the specialist who always and everywhere abides by the rules of dress for the office, if you see him in a micro-skirt.

Classic style micro-skirts fell in love slim young individuals around the world. Moreover, this pleated skirt and a lush, on the basis of denim and many others. They are just perfect in the warm season. More rigid at its core is the usual pleated. At the same time — quite rare, allowing the skirt to grow freely, not to be like the bag and emphasize the seductive shape . Summer should not be afraid of color madness. Appropriate will be incredible brightness of color. For very short skirts suitable small print on the fabric, for those slightly longer — larger.

The same can be said of the skirts — tulips. From long and voluminous, they became small and neat. At the same time, gradually fades the smoothness and softness of the lines, which are becoming more and more clear and concise. Micro the Tulip skirt is just perfect for girls who wish to emphasize their slim hips. A huge advantage of these skirts is that woman always looks luxurious and does not go unnoticed opposite sex. This effect is achieved not only by tailoring the skirt, but the fabric from which it is sewed. This is usually cashmere, satin, tweed. Choosing a skirt in this style, you need to remember that the color in this case, matters. And are ideal shades of dark brown, black or pastel colors.

Very similar in style to the Tulip skirt and the skirt of the bell. It looks great on girls with a narrow pelvis. Micro skirt-bell — option for girls who are not afraid to experiment and am in search of something new that could enrich their own style. Usually based on micro mini skirts bell used such fabrics as silk or satin. Based on the fact that the skirt is quite self-sufficient element of the ensemble, it should not add something too frilly, the top should be fairly simple.

But most of all, all modern designers, of course, like micro-pencil skirts with a high waist. They can be seen in all the collections and all the world’s catwalks . Thus, despite its length, the skirt does not look lightly, due to its strictness in color, finish and simplicity. Yes, these micro-options are suitable for younger girls, but that skirt in the style of a pencil will help you become irresistible to almost any woman. This contributes to the understated accessories, and a strict color scheme. What makes certain demands to the top of the outfit.

Not long to wait for his return and guests from the past — the micro — skirt of denim. As before, they are completely straight.

It is impossible to deny the fact that the micro-skirt is a very sexy item of clothing. And it does not depend on its color and fabric. But it is worth considering wearing this extremely short skirt that when the minimum length is not invalid high-heeled shoes. But when the skirt is very bright of color — are placed not more than other accents. The top should be simple and concise.

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