Men look at women’s fashion

Men look at women's fashion

Every woman wants to create your own, unique and recognizable for other method. However, she hopes not only to positive reviews of her girlfriends, but the impression she makes on men. And great will be her disappointment if she sees the indifference or ridicule of a strong half.

The likelihood of such a response from men are not immune even women who have excellent taste and well versed in contemporary fashion. After all, men are not always willing to share the fashion aspirations of their companions. And women often forget that, focusing on the tastes of the designer and trying to look on the crest of a wave of fashion among his friends and colleagues, they have a lot to lose in the eyes of men, for which, by and large, it’s all done.

While men primarily like normal women with normal shapes and proportions. If you take, for example, such popular in recent years among women or Afghani trousers, from the point of view of men, they hide this woman’s dignity, as beautiful feet. These pants visually shorten women’s leg, making the figure is not proportional. The opposite side of the coin is leggings. Is this too revealing clothing makes women’s legs are too accessible for inspection, so, in addition to the benefits, emphasizing and disadvantages.

If you go to shoes, the men mostly like all manifestations of heel, whether it’s even or wedge heel uggs. But not every man will like a shapeless, similar boots «chuni» at the feet of his lady. These shoes hiding the beauty of the female feet and extremely comfortable to wear.

There are many other attributes of women’s clothing, to put it mildly, not supported by the male part of the population. Among them, huge, in your face glasses that our ladies are not removed even in the room. Spectacular sea black tan and bright colors of makeup can also produce on man not a clear impression. Long and extended nails, so striking in the women’s circle, the man evoke sad thoughts.

If all you care about is you on the strong half of mankind effect, then, choosing some new clothes or a fashion stylist, do not chase the latest fashion trends. You will always win if you go back to the already tested and proven things. And all the recent masterpieces of fashion leave to meet friends.

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