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Recently, it was thought that long dresses only suitable for special occasions or social gatherings. Long dress – a long-forgotten outfit that was quite fashionable to create in America a short night dress, comfortable for dancing.

Today, this piece has become very popular in any style. Modern girl can choose this outfit for a date, work, street or beach. It turned out that the dress is not only beautiful and comfortable, but also trendy thing.

How to choose the right long dress for an event, tell «Fashionable».

So, the long dress – trendy and stylish thing of every chic woman’s wardrobe. Ideally you should have several outfits for different occasions. It should be given special attention by the outfits that you have to look perfect. To pick up a magnificent dress for yourself, you should know exactly how and what to wear with a long dress. It is recommended carefully to the choice of shoes, because choosing the right shoes under the long dress is the key to a successful image.

Long dress – this dress creates a feminine and refined image. Very popular today are the clothes in ethnic style, in addition, with such natural prints like sea, flowers, herbs and sunshine. This dress is perfect for holiday, Dating, outing or corporate event.

So, for corporate stylists recommend to choose the floor-length dress camel, beige, gray or a different shade of this palette. Great addition to this outfit would be a short jacket and pumps. A wonderful way to walk – a long chiffon dress, oversized handbag and ballet flats or sandals. Going on a date, you should dress to complement laying in the Greek style, decorated with beautiful barrette, a small handbag and light shoes. Black long dress in combination with a clutch bag, chic bracelet, earrings, tiara or jewelry made of precious stones perfect for the occasion.

Long dress. Basic rules

Beautiful long dress isn’t all. This outfit should be ably to pick up. For this, there are basic rules, which should adhere to when choosing this outfit.

First. Long dress in ethnic style to complement the shoes with a wooden platform and ornaments of copper, brass or other metal.

Second. Summer long dresses should be with bright prints. They will blend perfectly with light shoes.

Third. To choose floor-length dress, consider the event you’ll be wearing it. So, dark long dress with a train is not appropriate for a walk in the Park. It is better to prefer the gown ankle-quiet shade or color.

Fourth. Open shoulders dresses it is recommended to cover up a Bolero jacket or a light jacket.

Fifth. To attract attention is to give preference to red along.

Sixth. To hide the shortcomings of legs and to highlight beautiful hands, shoulders, back, recommended to choose a long dress with an open bodice.

Seventh. Dress for the evening it is better to add large earrings and bracelets, jewelry from natural stones or a chic necklace.

How to pick shoes for a long dress

Complete selection of long attire choosing the right shoes. Therefore, the choice of shoes is important. Remember that well-chosen footwear will help to emphasize the dignity of the figure and the beauty of the dress. Harmonious tandem of outfit in sex and shoes, we are constantly witnessing in the secular Chronicles. And so, as the stars may look like any other girl.

So, how to pick shoes to the dress to look like a star? Here are a few good options from the «Trendy»:

1. This outfit, like a sundress or a light dress with an open bodice in airy fabrics, bright colors is perfect for girls of low growth. These outfits visually elongate and slim. It is better to choose light shoes – sandals or sandals with flat soles.

2. Summer long dress looks perfectly with ballet flats, sandals and flip-flops decorated with flowers and leaves, on a flat sole. Heels visually enlarge the image.

3. Evening dress in floor should complement the shoes with a small heel, for example, an open patent stilettos.

4. If you prefer footwear with heels of a certain height, then it is better to choose clothes for shoes, and not Vice versa, to avoid imbalance of the image.

5. Under sports long dress should choose shoes in the same style, for example, shoes on a low heel. But high heel can make the image funny.

6. Long dress pairs perfectly with heels in satin, stretch, or likes.

7. For a chic you can’t go wrong long fleece outfit that fits. Shoes under a dress wedge or stiletto heel. Remember that this outfit is absolutely not suitable for shoes with low heels or without heels. Such an ensemble is very beautiful and comfortable.

8. If you need a lot of walking, then the Shoe is better to choose closed or open, but comfortable. Dress must be ankle-length or mid-calf.

9. The harmonious couple – long dress and shoes in one color, light or dark.

10. In the warm season it is better to abandon the heavy shoes. Choose – flip-flops, light shoes that will fit to any long along.

Shoes must be fresh, pure and whole. So, if sandals need repair, no need to get on with that. For example, some shoes can be washed in the washing machine. Information about this can be found on the official website of the manufacturer.

Mismatched shoes for a long dress can completely ruin the image. For example, some women believe that they do not go to outfits in the floor or shoes with heels or platform. It is not so! The main thing to choose the dress length and heel height (the platform). How to do it, you already know.

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