Maternity jeans

I guess today no one would argue that the jeans is a universal garment in the wardrobe of virtually every modern woman. Therefore, pregnancy jeans can act as a very practical option of clothing. These jeans should «grow» along with the tummy of a pregnant, and after birth they can be useful in the period when the old forms of the body are restored .

The main characteristics of jeans for pregnant women

These jeans should be different from the standard models, the special riding style. They also have different bands and inserts that will stretch as you increase stomach. And after birth, such a model helps to tighten the skin. In addition, they do not influence negatively on the abdomen. Maternity jeans, leg also do a free cut, so as not to impede blood circulation in the legs and not to be swelling.

Principal jeans for pregnant women

Jeans of this type have several varieties: landing on the belly and elastic waistband with the fit under the belly with inserts and without them, with a high rise and waistband. Then give them more detailed characterization.

1) jeans with the fit on the belly there is an elastic waistband which can be used as a bandage. They are quite presentable look, so they can be worn even under a cropped sweater. These jeans thanks to their convenient construction suitable pregnant, regardless of the time.

2) jeans with under belly fit without inserts provides the raised rear part of the belt simultaneously with the lowered front part. To adjust the width of the trousers, apply the adjustment. This type is suitable for women as the initial stage of pregnancy and at term 6-7 months. However, the closer the birth, the more women in models of this type experience a pressure on the stomach and discomfort.

3) Jeans with the fit under the belly with inserts similar in design to the previous one. However, they have an elastic waistband that allows a woman to feel the comfort at practically all stages of pregnancy. The top, like a belt, freely stretched and not deformed, which allows you to wear such a model and in the postpartum period.

4) jeans with a high rise belt area located above the stomach, blocking it completely. They are very good dlch autumn and winter, but in summer they are not so comfortable. Unlike other varieties, this model is acceptable to wear to 3-4 months, and after birth they can not be used because of their large inserts .

Today there are many different models of jeans for pregnant women, so you can easily find a model to suit every taste. Modern jeans are perfectly compatible with fashion trends of the next season, in what can easily make here. The main thing is to approach the choice of a model with great responsibility, because it depends on you not only comfort but also the health of the future baby.

Below in the photo gallery you will find maternity jeans:

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