Long yellow dress

It does not matter why you wear a yellow dress. Importantly, it gives you and others a sense of sun and heat, as well as a huge self-confidence. Yellow – color the sun yellow dress simultaneously playful and bright, elegant and romantic. Not every color can be so interesting and multifaceted. However, in order for your yellow dress highlighted all your strengths and hide flaws, it is very important to choose the right model and Supplement it with appropriate accessories. This is what we now discuss.

The variety of models

Yellow is the colour of inspiration. And not surprisingly, almost every season designers offer at least a few dresses yellow. Psychologists say that the yellow color can give a person confidence in themselves and to help to discover and realize their creative potential. Wearing a yellow dress, you improve your mood and give others positive emotions.

Summer chiffon dress

The most successful solution for summer is chiffon long dress to the floor. The texture of the fabric perfectly accentuate your figure, the fabric will gradually rise and envelop, and the yellow color will create the perfect mood. Depending on the occasion, the dress can be supplemented with a thin belt or a large wooden jewelry.

In the evening a dress can be supplemented with a short denim jacket. Shoes fit well and low course, and high heels. Parts and accessories a lot can change. Will remain unchanged, only one – namely chiffon dress Sunny yellow color, where you will feel free and comfortable.

Evening guipure

Long evening dress in the floor, and even from guipure – is the height of elegance and sophistication. Often lace is used for evening dresses, it gives the image of tenderness and sexuality. Models of such dresses can be quite different, the lace can also be used in different ways. Equally look great dress, fully made of lace, or guipure is only used for machining. Guipure insertion can also be either the same color as the dress or of contrasting colors. Will look great dress, where the lace and the lining is made in different colors. A cotton weave on the exposed parts of the body will not leave anyone indifferent.

Dress in the Greek style with open back

If you have opted for a long dress in the Greek style, you will be especially important to correctly complement your look. Otherwise you will look ridiculous. This dress will fit both fluff and tied-back hair, large metallic necklaces and spiral bracelets. All this combined with the open back will make your look sexy and playful.


The choice of accessories depends on what occasion you wear a long yellow dress on the floor. The party will approach the bright ornaments of contrasting colors, such as green, blue or pink. It can be shoes, a handbag or a belt — it all depends on your taste and mood. For a more solemn occasion suitable accessories metallic colors, they will add to your image of sophistication and elegance. Will look best accessories silver colors, but with gold be careful, they must not blend with the dress.

If you wear a dress for a walk, use a simple combination with your other clothes and comfortable shoes to go low.

Yellow goes well with many other colors, here it is possible to play. Look great combination of yellow with black or white. White color and its shades will give your image of femininity and tenderness. Yellow combined with brown will add harmony and peace and is perfect for a friendly meeting.

Jewelry you can also use the different. It all depends on the occasion and your taste. If the dress is closed, it perfectly complements the bracelet and earrings, and the cutout need to add a necklace. The value of a necklace depends on the workload of the dress. The simpler the dress, the greater can be the accessory.


The yellow color itself attracts attention, so it is especially important that against the bright dress you are looked pale. At the same time, it is not necessary to do the calling and really bright makeup, the fashion is still natural.

A particularly important role is played by the condition of your skin. Yellow is very cunning, he is able to expose all the flaws of your skin. Also, do not overdo it with bronzers and yellow. Makeup should look natural.

You can safely use makeup black color, all shades of brown and red. Can add some gold, but don’t go overboard with it. Also, be careful with any glitter, yellow color are not suitable excessive play.

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