Long legs gives not only the nature

Long legs, owns a model from Australia, Elle MacPherson, which firmly established the label «body» — it is an indisputable fact. However, long and elegant legs have not only a model, whose height is 180 centimeters. The legs can visually make them longer, not only due to the high heel, but at the expense of first-class clothing and shoes, experts stress.

Many models are short in stature are their secrets. The heel elongates the leg, but sometimes it is an undeniable fact that you know the most beautiful women in the world. So, undersized Kylie Minogue annually «takes» awards as the winner of the most erotic feet on the planet, and a fan of high heels, Victoria Beckham, on the contrary, constantly differs in that it emphasizes their «ugly» feet. What is the reason?

Winning shoes

In order to maximize the length of the legs, experts recommend to wear the most open sandals with heels. Not surprisingly, many movie stars for Oscar to wear closed shoes and open sandals with thin straps. But this caveat should be remembered, when it’s warm and Sunny.

How to be in the cold? The correct heel height of boots is seven inches. A modern platform that emphasizes high heel not just elongates the legs, making them elegant, but good, if you take a walk. The boots should be long and not short. Visually «pull» the legs monochrome boots rich tones.

The main mistakes

If you have thick calves, do not wear thin heels. Very popular boots, but they are not suitable for everyone. This Shoe will fit tall and slim girls, or small, such as Kylie Minogue. If you have slender legs, boots «will enhance the effect of rather short legs. Boots and ankle boots, do not wear overweight women.

The shoes should match the color of the tights. Dark trousers and dark shoes, light the bottom is light shoes. If you bought the black shoes and skirt of the same color, the tights you have to buy black or grey. If you shod boots made of suede, the stockings you must be bodily, and you must be a bright skirt.

A common mistake is to wear black shoes with a flesh-colored tights, a black skirt and light blouse. Such a typical symbiosis divides the image in half four times as much, respectively, the young lady with the image will not attract attention from the opposite sex, but to work in a suit. Unfortunately, office suit is not always suitable for romantic dates. A big omission is the presence of bodily gaps between footwear and trousers. With dark shoes and black pants, wear dark socks. Bridge emphasize the effect of «short» legs, and breeches with side pockets and wide treads make your thighs thicker.

The main recommendation of all experts is to be wary of in the clothes of horizontal lines, which are not slimming and make the figure fuller. Stylish striped leggings are only suitable for young persons. The same can be said about horizontal stripes on the tights. Always wear vertical lines that lengthen the figure.

Winning clothing

Toe shoes in symbiosis with straight pants to the floor is a great way to lengthen your legs. The bottom of the pants should hide the heel. Traditional trousers and pants, slightly flared from the knee, also create the effect of «elongation» of the legs. Pants with the waistline at its usual place accentuate the slim and neat figure. Tight black drainpipe trousers, skinny legs and give harmony. If you’re able to buy it — wear it with pleasure.

Focus on the model without rhinestones, belts and other accessories. For visual «increase» foot well to wear a skirt medium length. With high narrow boots-stockings perfectly match mini-skirts and divided skirts, pratyusha freebies. Side slits well lengthen the leg. For evening dress will fit one large side slit.

Photo taken from http://milachka-s-image.blogspot.com/

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