Lingerie from Bordelle 2012

Popular British brand Bordelle has presented a unique and totally new collection of lingerie of the 2012 season. All samples of clothes, designers created a well-known manufacturer, fascinate with their elegance and sexuality do not transgress the boundaries of what is permitted.

It should be recognized that lingerie from Bordelle is a spectacular model with a unique cover and unique with masterful design solutions. This elegant lingerie to wear on special occasions and not every lady can afford to wear it every day.

In submitted for review collection includes different types of lingerie. There is panties with different ribbons, stockings with original belts, bras made of gorgeous satin and complemented by tapes. Shoes, stockings, belt and bracelets, all of these unique elements to change Your image beyond recognition.

Along with silk dress from the new collection Bordelle, you have a bra with open half cups and bracelets made of leather, create unique, attractive image. Below are photo gallery of lingerie Bordelle 2012:

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