Let there be color: black color

Bright color clothing like the bold and stylish girls. But if you’ve opted for a monochrome color in clothes, it is necessary not only to beat, so the image turned out finished, and for you to pick up a suitable color and style.

Total pink

For those who are familiar with English, you know that pink is pink. He’s very cute. Truly total pink color — the color of teenage girls.

But, despite the fact that this is exclusively a female color, it also conceals the complexity of creating a correct image. Because if you do not correctly approach the selection of clothing you can not turn on pretty lady and a doll that looks at least cheap.

If you dress in all pink, keep in mind that lace, tulle and satin Shine will ruin the whole «human» image of a stylish girl.

Lush pink dress is also nice except for the Christmas party in kindergarten. Deep cleavage similarly even not to look. They will look vulgar.

View photos of celebrities in total pink. Maybe they will inspire you to create your correct image good girl «in pink.» Giovanna Battaglia, Heidi Klum, Miranda Kerr, Miroslava Duma, Pixie Geldof and Anna Dello Russo know in a pink dress.

Total red

Of course, the red characterizes some passion. Only ardent do not have complexes, the girls agree to dress exclusively in red. But total color red is a little dangerous. To face it is not suitable to every girl. But the clothes must accentuate our natural beauty, not overshadow it.

Dressed up all in red you need to remember that you are circling on the dance floor in a passionate tango. In addition to not look «beauty in the whole village» it is not necessary to put things with ruffles.

To look really stylish in red prefer more modest styles. Take the example of Miley Cyrus, Miroslava Duma and Victoria Beckham. Well, if you want to create a bit of a provocative way, look at the other stars such as Anna Rubik, Miranda Kerr and Georgia may Jagger.

Total yellow

Yellow — the color of the sun, energy and life. Bright and cheerful girls make very bold when you wear it. But, notice that nothing a person indulge in this dazzling shade.

Yellow does not carry any special connotations, as, for example, pink and red. The only one who may resemble a woman in a yellow chicken. To avoid such an unusual role just give up fluffy textures and voluminous shapes.

In General, pick up the yellow things to himself, every lady wants. The main thing to choose the right shade that suits her complexion. But we know affect skin tone and hair. A great way to total color yellow came to Kirsten dunst, Miroslava Duma, Leigh Lezark, Caroline Kurkovas and Reese Witherspoon.

Total green

Recent years it has become a popular green. It’s no wonder, because green is the color of a fresh-blown grass. He is so lively, so fresh.

Girls total in the rich green color looks rosy and clearly stand out from the crowd. The feeling that their heart is exuberant spring. And indeed, the appearance of clothing in this color on the streets as if marks the beginning of the heat.

Very to face will be bright green to brunettes and brown-haired and red-haired beauties.

For example, we have selected for you celebrity photos in total green. On the photo: Elena Perminova, Giovanna of battle and Emma stone.

Total blue

Total blue outfit is to choose bright hue. To it wear accessories and shiny silver colors. Your image could be all shades of blue, important to choose a style. Selecting your style, you will look charming, bright and stunning. Stars show by example, what kind of things you can choose blue color. In the photo you can see Jeanne Chamomile, Jennifer Goodwin, Cara Delevingne, Olivia Palermo and Eva green.

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