Leather Vest

The category of incredibly stylish and expressive items of clothing is the vest. And just an indispensable item in the wardrobe of every fan of fashion trends became a vest made of genuine leather. It not only adds flavor along, but it also hides those parts of the shapes that did not want to put on public display.

Leather Vest

Historically known fact that this item of clothing, like a vest you can see only simple merchants, traders, street performers, artisans. However, their vests are more like pieces of cloth with holes for the arms, than the finished product.

To date, there vests are reminiscent of the work of art. Richly decorated with beautiful accessories and precious stones have an unusual cut. The vests are sewn from almost all existing materials. And, today, the vest is not simply an addition to the outfit , it is a separate thing. A huge advantage which is in its universality. For even the most discerning tastes can find leather vest in all Ukrainian fashion boutiques.

Thin like clinging to the body, kid leather, suit vest slim and graceful natures. It looks especially chic with jeans or mini skirts, although is a versatile garment and is relevant in many ensembles. The whole vest is beautifully decorated with rhinestones, and step forward, the tails make the model very original. The figure in this vest looks refined and ethereal.

Popular, and of course, vests from a variety of fabrics and in the most diverse performance, but the trend, after all, fur vests. Presented in a variety of stylistic variations and colors. And don’t worry if it is not possible to buy vest from natural fur, artificial no less valid.

Thakoon, Salvatore Ferragamo, Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs introduced a similar product in their splendid collection. Christian Dior offers all fashionistas to pay attention to the long vests.

Leather vests in all stylistic decisions on «cheers» was received by the public and there are obvious supporters, even such areas as glam-rock. The highlight of any vest from leather in that it emphasizes the dignity of the female figure, and the result is exquisitely impeccable.

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