Leather shorts

Leather shorts

Shorts are favorite clothing for men and women, as children and adults. And they can wear not only in summer but, strangely enough, even in the fall or winter. And if in a warm season shorts is comfortable clothes, in which hot and easy, in cold weather they are extravagant clothing that can emphasize the bright personality of the girl, and her confidence in its appeal. And the most daring version will be leather shorts.

Most useful in this woman’s wardrobe items that the shorts do not know seasonality. They are very convenient in any weather. However, to ensure that leather shorts don’t look vulgar, it is necessary to observe some rules. The bottom of the shorts should not cover the feet, they also should not be too short. Shorts to mid-thigh fit only very skinny girls. Alexander Wang has created such shorts, although at first he had doubts about the commercial success of such a model.

What are the different models of leather shorts?

The most successful variant are leather shorts that resemble a mini skirt. However, unlike skirts, shorts will not hamper your movements, you will feel much freer. Currently well-known designers continue to develop a variety of models leather shorts, so you will not be difficult to choose the suitable model. The choice of a model should rely primarily on convenience.

From a huge variety of models are currently most popular are leather shorts with high waist. They do not concede shorts with low waist. Some prefer small-fitting shorts. While others like wide leg shorts with pleating at the waist. Although leather shorts are versatile, you should choose the right model. After all, depending on what they are combined, shorts can be both hard and very cheeky.

In order to properly pick up a model of women’s shorts, should be guided not only by their tastes but also by the characteristics of their figures. The most important criterion here is the length of the shorts. Tall, slender girls are more suited to long-length shorts almost to his knees. They can be a bit land the figure visually reduce legs. However, this situation can fix the heels. At the same time, conventional leather shorts to mid-thigh will suit almost everyone.

Not worth buying for everyday wear leather shorts in the form of panties. This may look vulgar. This model is made even textiles, can propylitic on the shelf my whole life, and not waiting for the most opportune moment for them to wear. Moreover, the model of leather.

How to choose the right model?

Leather shorts should not be too close-fitting legs. So you need to choose the size that the shorts are not hanging, but at the same time and not stretched into shape. The bottom of the shorts must not cover the foot, highlighting all her curves. At the same time, it is unacceptable that the shorts were too wide. The ideal variant is when there is some space between body and shorts that must be part of the palm. The width of the belt should be such that it is comfortable to sit. Buying any clothes from the skin, it is necessary when fitting to walk around and sit in it to gauge how it will be convenient for you. However, if leather shorts get a little tight, don’t worry, the leather model with the time a little of the break and if adjusted to the figure.

What combination of leather shorts?

Before buying a certain model of women’s shorts, you should consider what you will wear. Stylists recommend some of the most successful combinations, which are leather shorts can be worn even every day.

•Well suited to leather shorts black tight nylon pantyhose. Shoes any, from shoes and sandals to boots. As for clothing, it is best with leather shorts will look short jackets, fur vests or jackets. The image has not turned out boring, is to pick any color other than black. Weather permitting, you can wear nylon stockings smoky or beige. The main rule is that in the ensemble should not be more than two things from the skin. Best to stick to the footwear and leather shorts. As for shoes, you should not choose boots or other rough shoes. The accessory can be the leather handbag, the color is suitable to your clothes or just black.

•The skin is perfectly combined with knitted clothing. In winter you can wear shorts together with a warm cardigan or knit soft sweater. Pick the length according to your preferences. Naughty and youth will be the image with a cropped cardigan. But if the cardigan is long, you immediately get a cozy and feminine. Under asymmetrical sweater or a short cardigan you can wear a t-shirt. Accessories in this way can become leg warmers that will be in harmony with other knitted things. Shoes here can be as low course, and the heel.

•Best of all leather goes well with denim.

Of course, it is not a good combination. You can experiment and find the most suitable combination of leather shorts with other clothes and accessories. This activity is sure to bring you lots of pleasure.

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