Leather jackets: how to choose them and what to wear

For any fashionable image basis can serve as a leather jacket. It is suitable for both modest business and avant-garde style. Soft leather beautiful jacket will be a good addition to the sports kit, and a romantic outfit will acquire an interesting note.

When choosing a leather jacket it is necessary to know which model is right for you. It is of good quality leather is not cheap. But if such a thing properly and carefully to carry, it will serve you for several years without losing its relevance. You can buy fashionable pattern and affordable price, if you pay attention to the jackets not from natural and artificial leather. After all, they are also quite high quality. The only thing before you buy such a thing, it must carefully consider.

Have a good jacket must be the lining cloth which should be of uniform texture, without delay and stains. Pay attention to the seams, their evenness depends on the quality. If you RUB a white handkerchief skin, bad dye leave it on the trail. The last thing you want to do a sniff of the jacket. Genuine leather makes a subtle pleasant smell of the raw material is well-made, and synthetic material is almost no smell. If you experience a sharp odor, such as grease and acetone, you know, the technology of processing of raw materials was done with the violation. This thing better not to buy.

Buying jackets it is better in specialized outlets or boutiques that sells things favorite brands. By making a purchase in this boutique, you decide what to wear, because it will be part of the collection season. Detachable jacket with other things available in the store, you can find the original new combinations.

When fitting a jacket, most of all, pay attention to how it sits in the shoulder region. In a very tight formation, the buttons are difficult to button, and this spacious model will look like hers. Sleeve length should be to the bones of the wrist.

Please note what length jacket. For tall girls fit stylish long jackets, and petite short jackets-the Spencers or models that resemble the fitted jackets for women.

The choice of color. Classic is leather jacket in black. But you should pay attention to the jackets of other colors. Model dark brown, red, beige and white colors look stylish. Fashion is brightly colored leather, things from which Burgundy, blue, blue, emerald and bright red color. When you select color leather jacket should have a soft matte surface. Leather patent leather or structured bright surface looks cheap.

Decide what things will be wearing it’s new. Black, beige and light brown jacket will be an excellent ensemble with classic blue jeans. Under it is better to wear simple smooth tops or pullovers, leather color strap.

For light models more correctly the combination of the romantic summer dress in a frivolous flower. For such ensembles are suitable braided leather sandals or ballet flats without stockings. A bulk bag suitable for the dress color from fabric to complement the kit.

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