Lace skirt

Lace in all times been expensive and luxurious material.

In the old days, clothes made from this material were worn only by rich ladies. Especially valuable Irish lace because of the beauty and elegance of the pattern and fine work.

Modern designers offer exclusive handmade, characterized by lightness, delicacy and aesthetic beauty.

Modern technical means enable to create a Lacy fabric that is indistinguishable from the original weaving. So things Irish lace today’s much more accessible.

Skirt in lace models

In the summer skirts lace is used as the main material and finish. Denim skirt with lace is perfect for young girls to give them some femininity and coquetry. Lace skirt into the floor for added elegance and accentuate the harmony of shapes. So this skirt is the best option for girls with slim waist and narrow hips.

Lace skirt

Girls of small stature with thick thighs is much better suited a-line skirt or a year, are able to visually make the figure slimmer.

Most often women necessary things that must meet the dress code (e.g. at work). One of the options for office wear is the pencil skirt. Strict and at the same time majestic and feminine — this skirt is indispensable in the warm season. It can be worn with a fitted jacket made from smooth fabric, top or an oversized blouse.

A universal option that gives you the ability to create multiple versions of festive and everyday wardrobe is a white lace skirt.

In itself, elegant lace combined with satin, silk or chiffon creates an elegant and feminine look. Colorful lining you can add to your wardrobe diversity.

An excellent option for walking and recreation for low slender girls would be the combination of lace mini skirt with a blouse, top or t-shirt.

For the more solemn exit perfect black lace skirt. Particularly stylish will look this skirt with a bright top and the same color podobnikar.

Especially popular this season are long skirts.

Of course, that kind of skirt is particularly advantageous accentuate a slim figure. Long lace bodycon skirt will highlight stunning waist and hips. A combination of this skirt is perfect blouse of translucent light fabric. This outfit will look on a celebratory dinner or gala evening.

Lace skirt

However, the lace in the skirts and used as a finishing material.

Skirt with lace inserts will make your wardrobe more elegant and varied. Inserts can be made in the form of strips, wedges, obrow and flounces.

And even the classic style, which implies the limitation of choice of colors and fabrics, not paid attention to lace. In the collections of many designers there is a skirt of lace. If it’s a pencil skirt, it would be a great office option. If it is a mini skirt, it will fit in the summer, spring and warm autumn periods. In addition, some of the above options can be worn at the ceremony and to the party.

The most unexpected combination will be the lace to the skin. This combination will dare not every girl or woman because it is a very bold decision. But it certainly will attract attention and will give the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Leather combined with lace creates a vivid image, and it can be like a skirt, and dress.

How to wear lace skirts?

An important question about what to put on a lace skirt? In addressing this question it is important to consider a number of rules, namely:

— the main focus should be for the skirt, the top should be a neutral or unsaturated;

— for slim and narrow skirts, you can choose volume and wide blouses;

— slinky top is better to choose flared and mini;

over a lace camisole or blouse will look better skirt of the same color or a tone lighter.

Further photos of the skirts of lace.

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