Knitted summer dresses

We follow the fashion, follow the collections of famous designers, choose model, flattering, and have actual shape and texture. It’s hard to ignore a knitted summer dress, which is recognized as one of the fashion trends of the season. A variety of design solutions is striking in the intricate binding of individual models and admired the beauty of the dresses.

Dolce&Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo, Chanel, Julien Macdonald, Jen Kao, Ralph Lauren and many other fashion houses offer sophisticated fans of a large variety of crochet dresses, worthy to decorate and Russian beauties.

Fashion knitted summer dresses

Despite the similarity of textures, knit summer dresses in its original and diverse. Among the many models you can pick out and elegant evening dress and sexy model knit dresses, maximum opening of the female form and show their charms. Knitted summer dress with a large pattern admire their sheer texture, they openly put on display all the curves of the body beauty.

Trendy summer dress with knit panels and ornaments especially attractive. Knitted summer dresses and sundresses are versatile. The shoulders are open, the silhouette — free. This kind of dress or sundress is the perfect summer outfit for vacation and indispensable element in the beach complex.

Models with figure-hugging contours of knit summer dresses bodycon can decorate slender girls that have a figure of «hourglass», «pear». In this dress you can go for a summer evening cocktail, a party, a date.

Knit summer dresses, A-line will be appreciated by holders of other types of shapes. A distinctive feature of the knitted styles of summer dresses is the presence of small sleeves or on the contrary, his absence, a different form of openings and length of the dress. Beauty fashion summer knitted dresses highlight and compliment the delicate patterns and asymmetrical shapes, draperies, accessories and decor elements.

Fashion knitted summer dresses: patterns and colors

Knitted dresses is inherent in the varied palette of colours. Black color is universal and beckons his generosity. Delicate white color attracts purity and freshness. Various shades of brown — hit variety. Shades of beige and gray tones enchant tenderness and peace. Not deprived of attention and bright red colors, calm blue, olive attractive. In this season of popular patterns, decorate knitted dress, such as stripes, checks and flowers.

Knitted summer dresses: long model

Length knitted summer dresses to the floor is appealing because these models are perfect for most women. Their length they attractively conceal the silhouette of the figure, and the binding allows the body to breathe freely during hot weather. Girls in long dresses with open back and neckline with a large floodplain, look very sexy. Such models choose a brave girl, confident. Open forms, combined with the length just beckon and draw attention to themselves. Short knitted summer dresses the Owners of beautiful legs and slim figure, short knitted dresses is the best option to emphasize their dignity.

In fashion collections from Christian Dior, Trussardi, Les Copins a sufficient number of amazing models of short dresses straight and A-lined and with a fitted top and full skirt. Models of knitted dresses knee length can serve as a wonderful evening dress, as look very elegant and festive. For example, pay your attention to collections of Jen Kao in beige or black dresses from Pringle of Scotland, and Julien Macdonald.

Knitted summer dresses: decor and accessories

For decorating knitted summer dresses are: intricate patterns, different size binding, decorative stones, jewelry. To match the dress matched bags, knitted shoes and jewelry. To emphasize the waist, are turning to decorative belts. To complete the beach ensemble knit dress complemented with a handkerchief, scarf or hat. Sexy look girls knit beach dresses and tunics on top of the same knitted swimsuit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with forms and textures to look beautiful!

Fashionable knitted dresses this season

Light, delicate, transparent, with gaze patterns, knit dresses for summer strike a huge selection. The whole range of colors, different styles, patterns and decoration. All the fantastic ideas of designers is reflected in the thousands of models of crochet dresses for summer that can be safely worn in the fall when «Indian summer». Models wear short knit dresses as tunics together with leggings, Bolero jacket, denim jacket.

Below in the photo gallery you will find knit summer dresses :

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