Knitted jacket

Knitted jacket

In the knitted jacket is always warm, cozy and comfortable especially in the fall when a little cooler, will try to remind loved ones about the cold.

Autumn jacket, knit will blend in perfectly with natural and artificial fur, elegant look with suede, look stylish with any skin and colored knit.

Any knitted jacket can be a fashionable complement sets of knitted scarf with hat or POM-POM beret, scarf-collar or leather gloves. And the ensemble of knitted jackets, suede boots with high heels or boots with uggs will look fashionable and modern.

Knitted jacket can be fairly easy to crochet or knitting, of course, if you have the desire, time, and most importantly — the ability to use knitting needles or crochet.

Isn’t it better to visit TOPSHOP, where unusual, daring and original knitted models of the British and French clothing brands?

Topshop are available in bulk, loose and long knitted patterns. This, for example, knitted jacket Aztec side zipper closure with asymmetrical collar. The original jacket is complemented by an amazing ethnic print in blue and white.

Jacket machine knitting, a style almost indistinguishable from the Aztec, looks bright and original, thanks to the cage, made in a brick scheme.

Baked version is presented in jacquard knit jacket. Here in front krupnozubchatye fabric red shade is very successfully combined with black fabric and on the sleeves black shade contrasts with the white. A good addition to this jacket will be a skirt of a similar design, which can be purchased here.

Brand Le Monique offers a completely amazing and unique knitted jacket from fur of a goat, which creates extra volume. This long jacket with a belt will look great on a slender graceful girl.

The following well-known womens brand Biogonti in your stock also has a couple of knitted jackets, which are characterized by their elegance and femininity with collars of genuine Fox fur. The models of this brand is interesting for its large viscous, which is successfully combined with suede. Styles shortened forms will allow you to highlight the beautiful female figure even in the winter season.

And mistresses can create for yourself a unique jacket, knitted spokes. However, they may differ from the machine if the technique of knitting is imperfect. And yet, if we approach this idea creatively and with imagination, you can create a completely unique thing with unusual patterns, original styles and distinctive charm. You can alter and bought a jacket by adding knit cuffs and collar, and the waist can emphasize sewn on the waist line print.

Lovers products, knitted crochet, you can tie a great elongated jacket of boucle yarn in a zippered or buttoned and with a belt to keep the ratio of figures.

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