Knitted fashion 2017

Knitted clothing is clothing which is not subject to the flow of life and time. She was popular at all times. It can be worn at any time of the year. Of course the most popular knitted garment in cold weather, but many models of dresses and tops for the hot summer. In addition, 2017 bears to knit many more beautiful fashion accessories: bags, scarves, gloves, bathing suits, stockings, hats, beach cover-UPS. And by the way, popular among young people and braided bracelets, rubber bands and even clothes for our little friends.

Knitted trends 2017

The fashion for hand-made grows not by days, but by the minute. Manual work is very appreciated. Especially good if what we make ourselves fashionable, stylish and can be put on. After all, not only ourselves but the world around us must see that we are not only smart and beautiful, and diligent and creative personality.

Knitted fashion 2017 includes many things. Are dresses, sweaters, sweatshirts, and cardigans, and even skirts. Today we will try to understand what knitted garments fashionable in 2017 and knitted accessories (handbags, hats, bracelets) stylish to wear at new year. We also view lots of photos of summer and winter knitted clothes. We hope that our article will inspire you to create your own masterpiece. But if, as you say, hands not from that place», knitting is quite possible to buy now in fashion boutiques.

Knitted cardigans

We have more than once in previous articles I wrote about what 2017 brings us layering. The more clothes will wear fragile beauty, so it will not only be warmer. She is also a very stylish girl. This rule applies to knitted clothing. If you don’t know what you can add to your layered look, just the topic will be knitted cardigan. It can be put on any turtleneck or blouse. He is able to create the right image. The cardigan will fit perfectly when on the street fresh. And in the spring you can choose subtle colors. For example, pink, turquoise or yellow.

The cardigan is good and the fact that it doesn’t look flashy and it is always appropriate. You can select (or link) for myself a cardigan this length you go. Classic not too long model is perfect and young girls and older women. They have a beauty what years will feel stylish. The main thing – to choose the model, style and color that will fit into the place you plan to go. But since the cardigan is a pretty popular thing knitted fashion 2017 to find what you are looking for, will not make the slightest labor. In the sale is festive and casual cardigans. They differ in brightness and saturation of colors, and possible decor. The first one is more decorated. They are often decorated with crocheted flowers with strap and fringe. While the second is more muted colors and look much simpler.

Knitted fashion 2017

Knitted fashion 2017

Knitted fashion 2017

If you correctly choose the colors, the length and degree of transparency of the cardigan, you can wear this thing to work. You will be warm and comfortable. For example, grey, blue or brown understated cardigan can be a great addition to your office style.

Knitted fashion 2017

But knitwear can be worn on a date. Cardigans is no exception. They perfectly emphasize the dignity of the figure and will hide its shortcomings. In addition, the length of the cardigan does not disclose all the cards at once, and leaves space for fantasies desired a man. Gentle colours and feminine designs very well fit into your romantic look.

Short knitted jackets and vests

But not only extra-long cardigans can be helpers in creating beautiful and stylish image. Often women prefer a shorter model of the cardigans, or simply speaking jackets. They remind feminine jackets. Short models of vests and jackets suitable for the warm period. The vests can complement a white shirt and create the right image serious girl.

Short jackets that fasten in the front can also be worn under pants or shirt. They are comfortable and spring. After the spring morning is still pretty cool, and the day is already hot. This jacket or a jacket can be easily removed when the sun is already high in the sky. They look gorgeous and as an independent subject of the toilet.

Knitted fashion 2017

Short jackets that can be worn open in the front will perfectly fit into a casual and evening look. It all depends on the chosen accessories, shoes and clothing. Short knitted sweaters for Dating useful, because they absolutely do not hide the beautiful female feet. Good in them, and cultural place to visit.

Popular among women enjoys a chunky knit and smaller. Very chunky, more suitable for romantic people, full of dreams and dreams. It’s not an office dress. She’s perfect for everyday wear. But the small is quite suitable for Dating, and work.

One word to describe your subtle nature and to everything around you felt your exclusive taste, knitted clothes are very suitable. After all, she always looks incredibly stylish and something special. It differs from simple wear. It seems that knitted items have their own creative soul. And they very clearly can convey the insistence of the owner and its desire to be protected and warmed. That’s why Dating women often choose this knitted cardigans and jackets.

Translucent sweaters, cardigans and jackets

But not all knits are designed to warm their owners. Some knitted things (especially crochet) look very easy and effortless. They create an image of the same dreamy and fascinating magic.

Crochet openwork blouse look like capes. They are created in order to show a dreamy and naive nature of its owner. Mysterious lace patterns and designs, which are infused solid or multi-colored thread will create a very charming and mysterious ensemble.

Often delicate translucent sweaters knitted fashion 2017 have an open back and coupled with other materials (pictured above on the right – open back and mesh).

Transparent jackets can be worn as t-shirt and naked body. Only we must remember that the clothes under the jacket should be beautiful and not too revealing. The bra top or a simple t-shirt will fit into your image.

Below the photo we see long sweater-cardigan. Of course without a top this cardigan won’t wear because it is too transparent, but it can be a great addition to your flies and naively romantic image.

This cardigan is decorated with cute tassel-ties that give the image of lightness. Cloak probably handmade, so needlewomen may well take note of this model.

Here are a few options elongated translucent blouses that can perfectly decorate your way, adding a touch knitted sexuality. These models are perfectly emphasize the figure and the exposed parts of the body (shoulders, neck, etc.). And by the way, all openwork and transparent in 2017 is very fashionable and stylish. Therefore, in this outfit you will not just romantic personality. You will also very stylish girl.

Knitted dresses and skirts

We have considered thin blouses and capes, now is the time to look at the knitted dresses and skirts 2017.

After all, these elegant and only female items of clothing to Express individuality.

Knitted dresses and skirts 2017 can be both warm and exquisite and elegant. In any case, the woman in this dress looks very feminine. As for length, the knitted fashion 2017 and allows short and long models. Fashionable length 2017 – copper. Another fashion trend is asymmetry. Therefore, slightly exposing one shoulder, you will be fashionable and sexy at the same time.

Fascinating and very festive look of knitted dress length to the floor. If you select saturated contrasting colors, you are sure to stand out from the crowd. Long dress in itself is quite spectacular, and decorating it with interesting accessories (e.g., belt or brooch» you can go, even in a restaurant. Unnoticed you will not stay.

For everyday work suit dress more relaxed colors. Grey – classic office color. If the winter is not too warm this dress is very save. After 2017 knitted fashion dresses allows with a wide collar and oversized models. You will look especially elegant if you complete your office outfit with stylish accessories and office hair.

We have already mentioned, what is in fashion asymmetrical cut. The bottom of the dress can be of different lengths. This is, firstly, distract the interlocutor from the roughness of the figures, and secondly, will draw attention to slender legs. Under the heel asymmetrical knit dress can be worn in the restaurant or on a date. Cute, stylish, impressive.

As knitted dresses this year are at their peak of glory, the garment manufacturers often create dresses machine knitting. These dresses can be of different colors. Now popular strip. Therefore, contrast lines on the dress make you a stylish woman. Designers decorated their products with buttons and fancy collars.

You will not go unnoticed in a bright knitted clothes. Orange, yellow, green, blue, dresses very often appeared on the catwalks and has left its mark in the hearts of people fashionistas. Dresses can be both long and short sleeve. Winter models the designers have adorned even scarves, and bright, tribal colors are perfect self-confident creative individuals.

Often women choose knitted skirt. Beautiful and very sophisticated knit will provide advantage over rivals. However, the color scheme the designers did not skimp. As dark and not the brand model and saturated colors seen on the catwalks. Therefore, for both work and personal life may be something to find.

Knitted fashion 2017

Knitted fashion 2017

Popular style fashion skirts 2017 – bottoms. Skirts can complement the understated turtleneck and tights with no frills and patterns and to create a romantic and discreet way. Very good skirts look delicate patterns. If you know how to crochet, you can do for yourself is insanely beautiful fashion skirts. Delicate pink or bright Sunny colors will make you cute or dazzling lady.

Knitted fashion 2017

Knitted fashion 2017

Knitted fashion 2017

Most often, knitted skirts presented the extended models. Beautiful and looks elegant length to mid-knee or slightly below. In a skirt this length, it is possible to work to go to the Park for a walk.

But knitted skirts are more open knit. Like dresses, they can be translucent. Adding such skirts more restrained riding and wearing a petticoat, you can safely go out on a date, and disco. Transparent mini skirt will look vulgar, but the length that covers the knees, can not a little to excite men’s minds.

Knitted fashion 2017

A special category knitted dresses make up dresses for the beach. Transparent capes, which perfectly complement the beach look veil your figure flaws and reveal her elegant side. Such cloaks can be long and short. They are mostly white or bright colors. Binding tender, delicate. This dress will protect you from the sun and make a girl versed in the current fashion trends.

Knitted beach dress is perfect for a beach party. Some of them have sleeves that will save you from burning in the sun. Knitted beach dress is actually very diverse. They are slightly erotic and very feminine.

Knitted sweaters

But not always the summer. Let’s look out the window and remember that it is still cold. How else except those cardigans you can keep warm in the cold? Of course, knitted sweater. He doesn’t need advertising, it’s a classic thing for autumn-winter wardrobe of any woman. It is comfortable, warm, cozy and comfortable.

As the ever-popular voluminous sweaters on size, if not two more. But on its heels come the sweaters, sitting on the figure. The designers tried to decorate their creations. Popular were ethnic motives. Stylish and very gently look sweaters in pastel colors. Also, the designers kind to blue and milky shades of knitted sweaters.

Knitted sweaters may be with neck and without. The latter is represented in a simplified version, sometimes even translucent and look more like pants. Still popular and hand and machine knit. The height remains cable knit, diamonds and stripes.

Also on top of the sweater-tunics. They are ideal for very severe frosts, because they are usually below the hips. If the tunic is collarless, slightly lowered his tunic can be delicious women’s open shoulder. But this is a more lightweight version of the sweater.

For autumn nice and warm will be in a tunic with fully open shoulders. To wear knitted tunic under a fitted and slinky fabric or leather for women. In this form you will be spectacular. Well knitted tunic goes well with jeans. Often girls wear a tunic without leggings under tights. Then it is more like a dress.

Knitted accessories

Finally, we needed to sort that knitted accessories are very fashionable in 2017.

The most popular knitted accessory – the scarf. Knitted fashion 2017 can not do without this garment. This year the scarf needs to be large. Width and length is of paramount importance. What will be your bigger the scarf the better.

Fashion week girls on the podiums appeared in a prominent knitted scarves. If the scarf is very long, you can wrap it around your neck or leave the ends fall down the front and back. In the latter case, you will stress and pull your figure. If the scarf and is below knee length, special attention will be drawn to the lower part of the body. Therefore, consider your image. The scarf can be in the tone, and an excellent bright accent in the gray dress.

This garment gives a field for the imagination. Every day to be different, you can tie the same scarf. You can also decorate it with brooches that make the look more expensive and chic.

So, if in the first case (photo above) catches the eye lower part, in the photo below we see the emphasis on the chest and neck. In this case, you must have flawless makeup and hair.

Scarves can complement even the dress without the top. Then your sexuality will be a little veiled and hid. The photo below is a very long scarf classic black. But it can not be called ordinary, because it is very long and wide.

But not only colored scarves will be fashionable in 2017. Scarves with a visible large figure or ornament, also remain in the trend. Bright lozenges or strips, and decor fringe in 2017 in demand among the fashionistas of the world. Sometimes mistresses contrasting bright knit scarves.

Sometimes the ligament combined with artificial or natural fur and other materials, resulting in a very interesting scarves and other knitwear.

Also ladies often knit a handbag or decor for the normal bag.

What bag to tie it solely depends on the hostess. Some prefer volume, some little clutch bags.

Beautiful and home-stylish bag with cable knit. Mostly bags are made of thick knit. They are more meant for the autumn period, when the street is cool. When you look at these bags, once it becomes warmer, because the creative female soul, put all forces and thoughts in the creation of his masterpiece. Therefore emanates from them a special warmth and hearth.

Crochet can be linked very beautiful backpack. To complement such a backpack can leather straps and tassels. To create this masterpiece will need some skill, but if all fails, you may well be stylish «Miss creative» among the gray mass of people.

The scarves and bags in knitted fashion 2017 we have already looked, but do without the caps can’t no winter. This product raises the insistence in the severe frosts and make life brighter and more interesting. Young girls prefer hats with POM-poms. Typically, hats are knit of coarse viscous geometric patterns. If you are a seamstress, you can associate yourself takes. In short, cap is not only warm item of clothing. It is also a very cute accessory that will help to highlight your individuality.

When the outside is warmer is quite possible to use a knitted head band. They will cover ears, and will help to create a stylish image. Bandages can be solid, and be fastened to buttons in the back under the hair. For a pretty and festive image, you can knit the headband to decorate a knitted bow.

Knitted fashion 2017

About the accessories a lot to say. Creative designers weave and bracelets, earrings and belt. But we wanted to say about knitted gloves, because without them the winter is very cold and unpleasant. Besides hands objetivos. Glove designers are doing bright and dark. Popular both gross and fine knit. The upper part of the glove may detach, then it is very convenient to use the phone, don’t need to constantly remove all the product with your hands. For autumn, you can tie gloves without the fingers. If they are still high, visually lengthen hands. Thus warm. You — stylish elegant lady.

And finally a treat. You can knit even swimwear. And as show of fashion week is quite common. The details of swimwear designers think very carefully. To have their creations look original, the designers make fashion interesting details. Your swimsuit may be decorated with crocheted elements. This swimsuit looks pretty cool and extraordinary. In this bathing suit you will become a beach diva. Most often knitted swimwear can be found in solid models, but not the exception, of course, and separate.

To summarize, I would say that creativity is always stylish, fashionable and beautiful. As you can see you can knit whatever comes to mind. If you are talented, you can always be different. By the way of own production you will be special, cute and individual.

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