Knitted bags

Have you noticed that crocheted handbag this season is very popular? Such cute handbags, you will find in expensive boutiques (handbags by famous designers Dolce and Gabbana) and ordinary shops, but there is an option to order the purse of the masters, or associate.

The most popular models knitted bags

One of the most popular models knitted bags is the shoulder bag. Is a convenient bag for every day. With dimensions you can decide for yourself? someone will approach a mini purse, and someone who likes more size. And with flowers there is no problem who is looking for plain white or black, who will evaluate and more bright, bold and creative color. Handbags there are so many, it can be positive crocheted handbag hippie, beaded, and there may be ethno style with folk patterns.

A popular representative of this series has knitted clutch bags. These models are perfectly combined with evening dresses. It must be a feminine knitted bag, for example, of square motifs, embellished with beading, sequins or lace. Invaluable this handbag to complete your romantic image. Very bright and will look stylish knitted bag with decoration of flowers made of satin ribbons.

Crochet bags for beach


Original and colourful knitted bags will not leave anyone indifferent. The main advantage of such bags is light weight (because you need to take a lot of little things, the bag’s weight becomes important). Perfectly with a summer wardrobe will match knitted bag topped with wooden handles or knitted bag with wide handles, made in macramé.

Here are some simple recommendations that will help you to correctly pick out the bag:

The choice of bags depends on the season and weather. For the winter time suitable bags, made of woolen yarns, mostly quiet shades.

For winter bags necessary linings that protects the contents from moisture. But there are exceptions, it is the handbags associated with a double knot (base and figure). Important elements are the bottom and side planks, if it’s not a bag. But for the summer period feel free to choose the brightest colors and extraordinary models.

Do not forget about style. Regardless of the shape and pattern, crochet bags is femininity and a certain informality. Pay attention to the handle, is it comfortable? If the handles are thin, they will cut into your shoulder, and should not be in your wardrobe. The ideal option would be bag with rigid handles, retains its shape. Check that the handles are well attached to the bottom of the bag by means of special valves or fittings.

It is important to pay attention to detail. The first thing to note is how accurately and efficiently the work is done. For example, what threads pinned or beads as machined inner pocket in the bag. Beads fastened with a thick yarn or fishing line, and the seam that stitched the pocket to the lining, shall be treated interlining.

Below in the photo gallery you will see what are knitted bags:

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