Knit dress

Thanks to the modellers of the world, are becoming more popular knit dress. Comfortable, attractive, nicely enveloping the figure of the wearer — these products was included into the wardrobes of many fashionistas.

Jersey has so many positive aspects that allows designers to make bold experiments in the products made from this material. The texture of the knit can create a feeling of delicate soft and airy clouds, and in another embodiment it is already a product with a pleasant weight and volume.

Knit dresses in various lengths and cut in the style of 80-ies, with its dark and pastel tones, has firmly occupied the position this year. The highest bar of popularity took the miniature sweater dress. A good combination of comfort and femininity promoted him to the first position among the youth and among business ladies. In the image, that gives this dress felt as confident at a business lunch, or meeting with friends.

If you plan to have fun, you can wear a bright colored dress with a particular pattern or decorative embroidery, rhinestones or ruffles.

Some people think that dress from the knitted material can afford to wear only women with a perfect figure, as the fabric wraps around the owner from every angle, especially on the exposed parts of the body. To some extent this is true, but all depends on the model of the dress and its cut.

With the right approach can not only look stylish and stunning, but to hide figure flaws.

Order knit dress long pleasing to the eye and did not change its original shape — it is best to wash the piece by hand, and dry, laying on a horizontal surface.

Finally a finished look add a unique accuary: stylish belt, waistband, unique necklaces and rings to bracelets, tights or leggings.

Choosing the right color scheme, dress with are you cut and texture — the key to Your charm anywhere — wherever you go.

Below in the photo gallery you will see knitted dress :

Knit dress

Knit dress

Knit dress

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