Is it possible for a woman to wear men’s clothes?

Farther, the fashion is becoming more varied and creative. If previously women wore only skirts, blouses and dresses, then a little later these items of clothing have been added and pants. And now all fashion tends to minimalism and unisex everything. The female half of mankind often wears men’s shirts, jeans, jackets. But since women tend to the subtle sense of fashion, even these purely masculine things make feminine and stylish.

Image men’s pants

Of course, that sweet Princess in male things do not get to become. But if you choose the right top underneath pants for men, you may get an interesting image of a young rebellious spirit.

When choosing things from the male wardrobe the main thing is to pick the right size. In addition, men’s clothing (especially pants) are sewn considering the male anatomy, so if you are not a masculine figure, it is likely that your things you will have to sew on the order or to choose very carefully. After all, hanging on the hips the pants are unlikely to be nice to look at nice lady. But the men’s cut, is made subject to the female form, can be a great addition to your casual, office or even holiday attire. In the end, you will create a bold and confident look of a strong woman.

Image from men’s shirts

Men’s shirt is an item of women’s wardrobe which can be worn as a tunic and as a short topic.

For example, if the shirt is long enough, then you can leave the edges hanging over his jeans, and to emphasize the waist thin or a wide belt. The sleeves in this case, it is possible to arrange three quarters.

If you want, on the contrary, slightly open midsection, you can tie a knot in the front on the altitude at which you are willing to risk. Can right under the Breasts, and you can only slightly open the navel.

Short men’s shirt are allowed to wear even just on the issue or tucked in.

In the same way a man’s shirt you can wear over your unbuttoned shirts or t-shirts.

Image men’s t-shirts and hoodies

Favorite subject of men in their wardrobe – a t-shirt. Than a good men’s shirts for us girls?

New tee shirt just brought from the boutique, can be worn even on a friendly stroll.

But the t-shirt, which is already stretched, can serve as a homemade nightgown. Usually men like nice knitted clothing. Therefore, in their t-shirts to us women, so nice to sleep.

By the way, most men treat women in men’s shirts very sexy and attractive.

Men’s hoodie you can wear under pants by pulling the waist with the belt and rolling his sleeves. Thus this way you can wear even shoes with heels.

Image men’s jackets

Blazer for women also it is possible to wear. Just remember, if you wear this item of clothing, then you have the risk to look awkward. But this is only the case if you do not care about creating a consistent image. It is important to wear the right accessories to give attention to creating makeup and hairstyles.

Layering is very fashionable. Here only it is necessary correctly to beat, then you will look like a confident, victorious woman.

Is it possible for a woman to wear men's clothes?

As you can see, men’s shirts, pants, t-shirts and jackets appear frequently on the streets on the delicate and tender female bodies. There’s nothing wrong and funny, there is a peculiar zest. And if you like the style like it is close to you and expresses your personality, I suggest you not hold back your desire to wear men’s clothes. Therefore, we have only one indisputable answer to the question «is it Possible for a woman to wear men’s clothes?». And the answer: «of Course you can».

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