Indian Sari «dress, a symbol of» Eastern women

Perhaps it is hardly possible to give an example of some of the more traditional beautiful and striking symbol of Indian culture than a Sari. Such clothing of Indian women has more than pattycakeonline history. Since that time much has changed and about the tradition of wearing a costume, but at the same time remains unchanged that the Indian sarees clothing is beyond fashion, enables any woman to look irresistible.

The history of the dress of saree

Like all other aspects of Indian civilization, the saree has it’s own intricate and long history. That’s the word in Sanskrit means «strip of cloth». And this is a justifiable name, after all, the main ancestor of the modern luxury of the outfit is the usual loincloth, which, according to extant ancient times the statues and pictures were Hindus at that time.

The history of Indian saree has a lot of different legends. If you believe one of them, a young weaver somehow dreaming about his own sweetheart during his work, and he is not paying attention to it managed bitcast long canvas of indescribable beauty. . And later this variegated piece of cloth has become a tradition for Indian women attire. It is noteworthy that even at the present time the right sewing sarees are the only men who belong to the caste of weavers. And largely thanks to the reverent attitude of the stronger sex to female beauty, the dress is saree and look in the end is so bright and know how to effectively emphasize the perfection of the female figure.

The culture of wearing Indian saree

Saree you can tie one of the many currently existing methods. Various Indian regions offer their own methods of draping this five-meter cuts of fabric, but the most popular and most commonly used is the style the fields, when the Sari is wrapped and tied off around the waist, while its free end is simply thrown over the shoulder.

First saree clad worn directly on the naked body, but in modern India in most regions of this national women’s costume is much virtuous, it is customary to wear a lower skirt and the head — fitting blouse. Many believe that such a metamorphosis was largely due to the intervention of the British colonialists, which was just shocked by the custom of Indian women to go Topless. But if there was not, at the present time in some rural areas of the country previously saree was tied directly on the naked body.

Despite its apparent simplicity, to properly link the Indian saree is not given to everyone, because this dress does not include any buttons or pins, and fabric as we know has a property to deform and slip off. That is why Indian women are trained in the art of wearing this dress since early childhood.

Dress saree – models, fabrics and colors

The present saree is a good versatile outfit that the girl is not ashamed to appear before members of his own family, but also on holidays and at work. At the same time, most contemporary Indian beauties prefer sarees, shalwar kameez and convenient called green. This model of clothes is a wide tapering pants that do not hinder movements and therefore become even more comfy. But at the same time, already in adolescence, a girl is taught to wear a traditional Sari for the holidays, and after she gets married, such clothing is casual clothes. And despite the high level of emancipation in modern India, most of Indosat even in thoughts do not admit of giving up their national clothes, because clothes saree girl becomes a stunning image that has for thousands of years sing in their works, the artists and poets.

India has always been famous for its colors and sarees in this respect no exception. To create this traditional outfit Indian masters are given full creative freedom. In the current saris meet all imaginable and unimaginable shades of colors, and even the women in full accordance with their personal tastes and preferences choose the perfect outfit among the countless shades of green, red, yellow, blue and plum. Perhaps the most popular should be considered a Golden color — a symbol of wealth, prosperity and love.

But the Indian saree is famous not only for its variety of colors. Also such clothing is famous due to its processing. Very often manufacturers on the upper edge of the blade prostrachivajut contrasting border, but at the same time, it is not a prerequisite. However, this Indian saree is very much in the decoration of the embroidery and a subtle pattern is created on fabric with colored and gold threads, stones, beads and various beads. Traditional images for sarees are flowers, fish and fruits, which are symbols of prosperity.

Sew a Sari using a variety of materials, ranging from inexpensive cotton to luxury silk, organza and chiffon. By the way in India is considered the most expensive material for saree mizerski silk, and not every family can afford to purchase such material. So thick and heavy fabric forms a neat flat folds.

The variety of colors, fabrics, and decor is not accidental. According to the canons of Indian culture, every woman needs to look beautiful, and with a variety of texture and color combinations, the women managed to correct its own figures as it would be unable to do even the modern fashion designers and stylists.

Indian Sari and jewelry

It is impossible to imagine this traditional Indian outfit without many decorations. In that case, if you meet an Indian, dressed in a Sari, but at the same time, you notice that there are no earrings, rings, necklaces and numerous bracelets jingle, it means that the life of this woman what happened and went wrong.

The love for jewelry among Indian women is present in the blood, this is the explanation. It has become a custom in Indian culture that a woman is entirely dependent on her husband. And although in modern times the weaker sex, are much stronger, but not so long ago a husband could just kick the guilty wife, who had to leave the shared residence. And that suited her at a time like this, jewelry might some time to help this woman financially because she had no right to have property, own land and other property.

Also Indian jewelry and have a sacred function. Says one of the traditional Indian teachings, the human body has several chakras points, due to the effect of which is to improve the health and well-being and harmony. And very often the decoration served as a tool of such influence, many women thought that earrings will help to sharpen the hearing, a precious stone inserted in the navel, will help to avoid the evil eye, bracelets upuaut ringing evil spirits, and Bindi on my forehead will help to increase intuition.

And so it is assumed that Sari jewelry is never enough, no matter how richly decorated it was mandatory this outfit requires several necklaces, large earrings and heaps of gold bracelets.

Makeup under the Indian dress saree

Watching many Indian movies, each of us noted bright makeup all Actresses. This custom is also rooted in the old days. Cosmetics, along with jewelry used by Indian women to protect from the bad attitudes and manifestations of evil forces. So at any age women richly painted eye Kayala, and lips were tinted bright lipstick made from plant ingredients. And traditionally, bright makeup has remained a fixture of dressed in a saree of a woman.

Wedding sarees

Modern wedding saree is rightfully a real work of art. The length and material of such wedding dress is not much different from everyday models, while in terms of decor, these dresses certainly look richer. According to tradition, the more it will be rhinestones, beads and embroidery, the calmer and happier family life will present the bride.

Wedding sarees with rich embroidery

If we talk about colors then are currently not considered as an obligatory condition for wedding dress of white color. In fact, the color in the Eastern culture is perceived a little differently than in the cultures of the peoples of Europe. In this regard, the most preferred wedding attire by the Indian brides are considered to be green and red hues, which are symbols of wealth and love.

An essential addition to a wedding Sari is the large number of gold jewelry. This is true even for poor families-often relatives of the bride get into lifelong debt, but nevertheless, on the day of her wedding the girl will sparkle and unique beauty.

Below in the photo gallery you will find Indian sarees :

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