Images for seduction on Valentines Day

We all know such a holiday as Valentine’s Day, a celebration of two lovers who have something to say to each other, to admit and celebrate. Meeting several years, young people harder to come up with an original gift for your loved one, they are becoming more standard. Below is the holiday remains memorable for a long time, we offer you to surprise your loved one, having donned a new unusual opinion.

Psychologists have long been scientifically proved that in the soul of every woman lives the actress, it’s just that many never got a chance to prove themselves. Valentine’s day is perhaps the most passionate and romantic day of the year, so you can give vent to his acting abilities. Offer you several variants of the original images.


Long since become a classic, the image of Cleopatra. It is very bright and passionate way, as we see it from the canvases of great artists. Features of this method are the bright black arrows, gold dress, massive jewelry, angled hairstyle.

Details: thickly painted black lashes, the arrows on the eyes, black short hair or a wig.

Melody: ancient Egyptian pipes, the music for flute of the hypnosis the serpent, Arabian disco.

Attributes: scented candles, dim lights, Oriental scents.


To see my girlfriend in a sexy tight costume made of leather and latex is the dream of every young man, especially for all the fans of Angelina Jolie. This is especially true when leather and latex things again at the peak of popularity, and every fashionista’s closet and find a pair of leather, seductive, slinky pants and a vest with a zipper.

The attributes of the image: leather boots, without them, the image of the cat-woman will not be complete.

Music: rhythmic melodies in the style of electro-pop. Attributes of the interior: a disco ball and stripper pole.

Images for seduction on Valentines Day


Presenting this image, I remember the TV series «Sex and the city» when Carrie Bradshaw decided to go and see Mr big in the hospital after heart surgery. Her striped mini-dress, to put it mildly, not very suitable for the party. The patient miraculously managed to avoid another operation, but he almost had a heart attack.

For one night you can afford to forget about all limits of decency and allow yourself to give vent to their imagination. You can try on any role from sexy nurse or a maid in a prestigious hotel to a woman in a police uniform short leather shorts with cuffs or cheerleaders in the cowgirl bare belly.

Style attributes: starched cap of a nurse or lace apron-spicy details.

Music: soundtracks to musicals or romantic ballads.

Attributes: ice cold champagne, fruit with cream, bright tablecloth covering the table.

Bunny Playboy

Every man secretly dreams to see his girl in Bunny costume Playboy. Of course, Bridget Jones in her role as a little overdone and looked more ridiculous than sexy. Create a costume is easy, just need to prepare in advance satin corset jumpsuit with a fluffy tail, and fishnet tights-and you can turn the evening into a fun game.

Style attributes:high-heeled shoes.

Music: tunes of the 80-ies.

Entourage: carrot pudding and plaid with tassels.


At the peak of popularity of the band’s «Twilight,» many girls dream to become a lady vampire at least for one night. It would seem that this method is more suited for Halloween, but Bella wanted to become a vampire for love, so you can give her the opportunity to Express themselves on Valentine’s day.

The way to create a easy, you only need to whiten the face light dust, draw black arrows to make the hairstyle by emo what do you Bella without gray denim jackets.

Caveat: the shoes like Kristen Stewart – without them, the image of Bella is not complete.

Melodies: group Muse or Vampire Weekend.

Entourage: the twilight tomato juice in transparent glasses and a crackling fireplace.

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