If the Shoe is painted from the inside — what to do?

If the Shoe is painted from the inside - what to do?

All people need to know what to do, if the Shoe is painted from the inside, because almost everyone at least once in their life faced with a similar problem. The reason is low-quality coloring product.

Why shoes is painted from the inside?

Regardless of the price of the product in certain situations, it may stain the feet. This creates some inconveniences, especially when shoes off and begin to show painted things or feet. Well, if the inner surface of the product and the insoles have light shade. But I do not walk always in the bright shoes. Most often in the fall people wear dark or colored products, which leave unsightly marks (because their internal surface is painted). The reason is that under the influence of heat and humidity the paint on products «transferred» on foot or socks. Such staining does not occur if the feet dry. Therefore, after applying the shoes should be dry and not to put on her.

If the new thing is painted, it is better to return to the store or exchanged. Since this defect is considered to be manufacturing defects, the problems with the exchange (return) of the goods does not arise.

Used products difficult to return to the store, so you’ll have your own hands to get rid of these unwanted qualities. Need to buy a professional fixers, fixing the paint and do not allow her to paint all around him.

Tools to help the inside of the Shoe to remove the paint

One of the effective means — talc. You want to pour it into the product and gently treat all internal surfaces painted feet, and then wipe with a cloth.

If the Shoe is painted from the inside, the product should be treated with a weak solution of alcohol or vinegar. With a swab of cotton wool or rags soaked in this substance, processed parts of the products that tint it from the inside, and the product was then thoroughly dried and ventilated.

This popular remedy in the painted areas — standard hairspray. They should handle the problem areas of the product, wipe with a dry cloth and dry. This operation should be repeated to get maximum effect.

Areas of the Shoe, coloring the feet must be carefully treated burdock and leave to dry.

Radical method – remover used by professional artists. This tool is not supposed to hurt and so troubled the surface. If the tool has a very rich smell, even after getting rid of the effect of dyeing, the owner of the shoes will not be able to use the product.

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