How to wear white women’s blazer

Jacket has long been one of the basic things a woman’s wardrobe, and can be part of a business image, because the image in free style. And if you want to use a jacket to make your outfit look festive, light and fresh, you will come to the aid of a jacket of white color. This thing can rightly be called unique and even somewhat elegant. In this article, we will discuss what you should wear white jacket for womento look fashionable and stylish.

White jacket is different because it can be combined with almost any other item of clothing, and he will be a good addition to pants, dresses, jeans, skirts and even shorts.

If you need to create a conservative image, then the white jacket should I wear black pants, and equally well will look the classical model of arrow and seductive tight pants like that. This image can be used for business meetings, going to work or in the case of the official reception.

Stylish casual look involves a combination of white womens jacket and jeans, and in this case you can use and classic models, models in the style of boyfriend. Suitable shoes for this outfit will be a wedge or steady high heel and stylish shoes in men’s style.

In turn, for shopping or for a walk you can go to the white jacket and bright trousers, and one possibility is a model with an original print. It is worth saying that is relevant in this season are floral prints.

Very festive it will look white coat, complemented with white trousers or breeches, and in this way any girl will make a stylish, fresh and elegant, but look like it will be somewhat aristocratic.

If we talk about dress, special restrictions in this case simply does not exist, and under a white blazer can be worn long and short, thick and light, romantic and strict dress.

Looks very good white jacket in the Annex to the short skirts, shorts, and the best shoes for this outfit is heels, because it looks very feminine and delicate white jacket is not very well combined with the sports style. Although if you are a lover of contrasts, it is quite possible for this dress to use even sneakers.

The white jacket should be chosen with consideration of the peculiarities of the shape and taste of its own. And so for a more official images will be better to opt for the extended models, whereas for daily life fit, cropped silhouette.

If the need arises, a white jacket can be taken in the bag. For example, to have the evening planned an event and to go home after work you will not be able. In such a situation you from the evening chill will save this model in white jacket, which is made of a sufficiently dense and crease-resistant fabric.

And since by using a white blazer, you can create a whole bunch of different images, it really is an essential and versatile thing a woman’s wardrobe.

And for the imprint a few more options with what you can wear white womens jacket:

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