How to wear shoes with socks

How to wear shoes with socks

Long time was considered a forbidden taboo to combine shoes with socks. But today most of mods are actively using this combination, previously used only for shoes with a low heel or even without it.

Especially the combination of socks and shoes

In the case of a very bright and noticeable style from socks it is advisable to refuse. This piece of clothing works fine in subdued styles.

The combination of stilettos and socks will add some boldness to your look.

To add flavor to the image, don’t use socks black stylists suggest not to be afraid to be very fashionable and are recommended to wear the textured, unusual, vibrant socks. They offer the perfect combination of socks (over the tights) with ankle boots (loafers and brahami). This option is more warm, as it is extra article of clothing that keeps you warm. And socks, great color, will add a certain interest.

Such a combination can be successfully finalized the image, but also exploiting new products with socks, to avoid blisters on my feet.

To date, the shoes with the socks is comfortable and quite stylish. Today not all people dare to wear products with socks.

However, in order not to remind you of its kind the first grader should understand how to wear socks with shoes (sandals) and learn to apply some rules. In addition, the actual problem is eliminate squeaks when you walk, there is often in such shoes.

The simple rule of wearing shoes with socks

1. Repeat textures and colors items of clothing. Now actual monochrome combinations, when the underlying tones socks is a Supplement to other basic colors. Be sure that socks and shoes were similar in color.

2. An ensemble of drawings and colors.

3. Balance (for those who doubt): the density of the sock should match the density of other parts and the General mood of the ensemble.

4. Coquetry. Clothing subdued colors combine with socks in bright colors or active drawings. Of course, this cheerful style is not suitable for business meetings.

5. The similarity of colors: multi-color outfit is complemented by socks that color, which occupies minimum area on the clothes.

6. To focus on legs, the image is complemented by socks that match color with the outfit.

7. Frugal option: use socks Nude not pay much attention to themselves.

8. Designers offer a fashionable option: socks of white color combined with classic shoes black.

9. Because socks visually add volume and shorten the legs, it is better to use a long-legged and slender girls. Girls of small height it is better to use short socks made of fine fabrics.

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