How to wear open toe shoes: rules of etiquette

In summer, every woman wants to wear light clothing, and, of course, shoes this desire is also directly concerned. Therefore, in the heat of a big part of the ladies prefers to put on shoes, which opened as the fifth, so, of course, and sock. Also, it can be shoes with an open toe.

There are rules that should be followed when wearing such kind of shoes. Such rules are desirable not only to know but to observe strictly, to the surrounding people didn’t think women bad taste. Even more, this season these shoes are the most fashionable.

What open shoes?

Thanks to its lightness, elegance and incredible lightness of these shoes helps make women more sexy and unique. These models of shoes always look elegant, regardless of the appearance and amount of decor. This effect is due to the fact that they can see the fingers with manicured nails. These shoes always attract glances, and the woman is always surrounded by attention.

How to wear open toe shoes: rules of etiquette

Rules the wearing of open shoes

Now absolutely there are no clear rules that would regulate how you can wear a pair of open type. Some people believe that it is appropriate to wear tights with this type of shoes, while others quite the opposite opinion you have. But still to say by the way, if you want to combine tights with open shoes, it is advisable to take a completely transparent and thin enough tights, which is virtually invisible on the leg. If they have a second skin and be invisible, that would be the right option. But thick tights in bright colors absolutely not suitable for shoes with open toe, as it will look vulgar. Very sexy look these shoes on legs with a tan.

Black tights allowed to wear such shoes only in the case when colors match up perfectly. The thickness in this case may not exceed twenty den. If you use a thicker weave, the vulgar form provided.

How to wear open toe shoes: rules of etiquette

Open toe shoes elongate women’s legs and this is compare them not with anyone. Although this model of shoes and attracts attention, but because all the flaws immediately come to the fore, respectively, need to be pretty careful. So choose the outdoor shoes can only women who have slender legs and beautiful calves. Shoes without heels can be very stress full legs.

What kind of clothes is suitable to open shoes?

To highlight smooth legs should be combined the shoes with the pencil skirt, trousers, classic model, or Capri. But the too short shorts or a skirt it is not combined with open platform shoes. This ensemble will look hard and rough. And with a long skirt it is possible to experiment and wear this kind of shoes.

If the shoes open heel, but the toe is closed, it is possible to wear tights under them. These shoes are a perfect addition to an office costume, as the etiquette can not attend work in the Shoe which opens the fingers. But the fifth can be opened. So thin and lightweight tights in combination with open shoes will help create the perfect image of a business woman, and in the heat will be seasoned the required dress code.

How to wear open toe shoes: rules of etiquette

Open toe shoes have conquered their niche in life, and it can be used not only with office costume as well as in everyday life or even at the party.

Everyone has heard that you can not wear open toe sandals and tights. However, often many of the designers in the shows its collections fully admit such outfits. Sometimes even combine tights with bright shoes. Still not need to take risks and create a fashionable look. It is advisable to follow the classic advice on the rules of wearing shoes and clothes.

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