How to wear a Tulip skirt?

By definition, the Tulip skirt is a tapered flared skirt shape, which resembles an inverted Tulip flower.

For some shapes: the Tulip skirt?

This skirt can be used with any figure, and it is equally suitable to girls with a slender figure, and full girls. Cropped this model looks good on slim ladies, and in that case, if the hips still present excess weight, it is best to choose a skirt knee length and add shoes with high or average (4,5-7cm) heel.

What to wear with a Tulip skirt?

A good complement to skirts-tulips will be the following things:

— asymmetrical tank top;

— strapless top or a satin top;

— classic shirt;

— turtleneck (preferably in the pleating of the neck);

— a fitted blazer or jacket;

— blouse (chiffon, satin or silk) with frill sleeves and a collar bow.


— shuttles;

— heel ankle boots;

— shoes and sandals with a heel;

— wedge.


Allowed belt at the waist, pearl jewelry, fine wrist chains and ornaments on the neck. At the same time, do not overload your outfit with accessories, as the very form of skirt-tulips will be quite interesting and therefore try to use not more than two ornaments.

If you don’t want to look for a Tulip skirt in regular stores, we recommend you to visit the online stores which offer various models of skirts at reasonable prices.

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