How to wear a belt?

Belt is among the accessories are of great importance. It can help create a beautiful style, and can hurt. The fact is that we need to know how to wear it correctly. It is believed that the belt is used for tightening the waist. But if the waist has extra fat, then the belt is not a helper, but quite the contrary… To the waist is drawn in the view, it is intended to emphasize the place where the tightened. If the belt is contrast to the color of clothing, especially if it’s in color, creates a horizontal line, which in this combination of colors will increase the waist. We need to remember this.

Belt at waist

If you have a pronounced waist, it should be emphasized with a belt constantly. The small body type should choose a thin skinny belt. At high growth should wear a large contrasting belt. Girls with short stature should know that the figure with a color zone is divided into two parts and visually reduced. In shape resembling a pear, belt, definitely slim, you need to carry in the smallest part of the waist. Using such a method fails to execute an optical correction of the too long torso and short legs.

In the case where you have no clearly defined waist, waistband, wear some accessories, visually widening hips. Slightly loose clothes also enhance this effect. In the case where the belt-like bright colors, but not really going, you can do so. The zone of saturated color to attach at the waist and top wear a coat or jacket of dark color. Short, bright horizontal line will attract attention and give the appearance of a slim waist. But a jacket or coat, you can neither remove nor be buttoned. If you are the owner of a big belly, wearing a belt at the waist is contraindicated for you.

The belt and the «Empire style»

If you have a big chest and a big belly, you can wear a belt under the breast. He emphasizes beautiful Breasts and the most narrow area of the body. This decision also applies to women who have short legs. You should not wear a belt under the breast in the shape resembling an hourglass. For this figure there are plenty of other things.

Belt under her hips

Wearing the belt under my hips – fashionable and attractive. Place wearing be selected individually, but the best is wearing the belt on the pelvic bone. If a coloured belt, it should not be very different from other clothes. Belt under her hips, put on a loose blouse that hides the stomach and accentuates the hips. Do not wear the belt under your hips, if you have short legs and long body, then the waist will visually distinguish these features of your figure; if you have a big belly, belt under her hips will increase its roundness.

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