How to walk in high heels

For anybody not a secret that in order to become a little sexier and more attractive enough to wear shoes with high heels. In addition, high heels are the secret harmony of many girls. However, not all so smoothly as it seems at first glance. If you wear high heels too long, then begin very sore legs, back, you could see the fatigue. In order that such problems do not arise, you must know how to walk in high heels.

Beautiful walk in high heels is a realistic target, you only need a little bit to try. High heels can transform a woman, to make gait easy and flying, buttocks toned, and his shoulders straightened. This can be achieved only in the case if to learn how to walk in high heels. Otherwise, ridiculous appearance and health problems you provided. It is understood that injury can be avoided. This should not be abused by high heels and turn it into a daily option.

Start by wearing shoes at home. Walk a few hours around the house in new shoes. This is necessary in order to feel comfortable in them. Remember the main rule, the first land you need to raise the heel and then the foot. When walking, the back should be straight, shoulders back, stomach tucked up. To maintain balance, slightly swing your arms.

To ensure the smooth course you need to remember one rule — when you walk forward, you first have to go the leg and then body. Avoid Bouncing when you walk by adjusting stride length: it should not be very large. Usually the step is equal to the length of the foot unshod. Do not think that with such a short stride length, your gait may seem like mincing. On the contrary, so you can avoid the aftershocks of the housing and the hopping head up. It’s a way to walk in heels: it is right and convenient.

Of course, to walk on heels you will not only on a flat surface, there are stairs, the movement of which requires special training. If you climb up to the middle of the stairs, the heel and the sole should be put at the same time. If you go down, then the prop should be on the sole, the heel need to leave sublime.

To learn how to walk in heels is quite real. But in addition to the ability to walk plays an important role and choosing the right shoes. Save on shoes is not: it must be of high quality and appropriate size. Trying the shoes feel comfortable if she is sitting on her leg, rubs whether the heel or the toe.

If your wardrobe was not yet of high heel shoes, it is just better not to buy shoes with very high heels. Foot needs to get used to the heel height gradually. It is best to begin with the shoes on medium thickness of heel does not exceed 7 cm.

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