How to stretch boots?

Tasteful leather boots, it seems to be so good sitting in the shop, at home, with more prolonged and careful fitting, suddenly a little tight. To avoid discomfort, you can use a few tips on how to stretch boots.

How to stretch boots?

The easiest way is to include the boots in the Shoe shop, where the master will stretch them using special metal heated pads. However, there is a certain risk, this procedure shoes may also expand or seams may diverge due to melt the glue.

In the home stretch boots is possible using several methods. One of the most unpretentious — just walk in tight shoes in the apartment, while suffering feet. In this case, the stretch would be long, but the shoes definitely will not be spoiled.

To speed up the process, you can wear thick socks and again to walk in the shoes around the apartment. If the socks are pre-moistened with water or alcohol, the time stretching will be reduced. Also recommended to wipe shoes from inside with alcohol and quickly before the alcohol wears off, you wear it.

Sellers in many Shoe stores when buying leather boots recommend to buy a special spray or foam: if the vapor is a little narrow, the product is applied to the outer surface, and the skin softened and easier to stretch. After walking some time in a handled Shoe at home, you can achieve the desired result.

Also in Shoe stores often sell special blocks of wood with a screw. The pad fits inside the boot, the shoes are to be left in this form for a few days. Here, the screw exhibited more width. No need to rush, to increase the width of the pads should be gradually, so as not to spoil the shoes. In addition, after each «step» increase in width is recommended to apply a few not to stretch boots too much.

There are several home methods that are associated with a certain risk of ruining the shoes. For example, suggest to fill with water plastic bag, making sure it does not leak, tie it and put in shoes. A few to put in the freezer and wait until the water in the package will freeze. This will expand and stretch the shoes.

In addition to ice, there is a «warm» method of stretching: boots heat the dryer and wear it while they are still warm. Heated leather easier to stretch. Both ways are risky, because when you «ice» it is likely that the shoes will not sustain and will break, and when «warm» is not excluded divergence of seams. But if the varnish boots, then the surface may crack and then a pair will be spoiled.

Describe the so-called «cowboy» image. It is this: inside the Shoe that must be stretched, poured any cereal and fill with water. In this form, leave for some time, e.g. overnight. For croup it expands and stretches the shoes. If the use of this original method — this is a personal matter.

After stretching, whatever way it was carried out, it is recommended to treat shoes with cream. This will soften the skin and prevents its drying.

So, way to stretch the boots a lot. However, to achieve the desired result and not to spoil the shoes, it is important to consider several points. Shoes can only extend the length of its change is almost impossible. Stretching is good subject only to leather goods, boots, pleather and other synthetics almost no stretch. And probably the most important thing to remember is to stretch the shoes may be no more than offers half the size. Therefore, it is too close and narrow a pair should be returned to the store to avoid suffering and not to spoil your feet.

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