How to store shoes in the winter, so she won’t lose its quality

How to store shoes in the winter, so she won't lose its quality

To an integral part of the wardrobe for a long time served you need to know how to store shoes in the winter. Every woman has a few pairs of shoes that you dress in a certain season or bought «just in case» and often not shod. And all of this stuff must be properly and neatly stored. Otherwise, even shoes will allow you to recover the damaged product.

Different ways of storing shoes in the winter time

Ideal Shoe storage in the winter – the presence of the dressing room, but not everyone has the opportunity to have it.

In individual closets, which retain maximum living space, there are special compartments designed for storing shoes.

Separate the design of these cabinets, as an excellent piece of furniture, allow you to store even completely dried product.

In a small apartment, you can use narrow slim-wardrobe, takes up little space in width. It is convenient to store any shoes, besides high boots. For winter shoes, you can enjoy a wardrobe of appropriate size.

To preserve the appearance of the product is quite convenient to use a normal stand, freely placed in the hallway or inside the Cabinet. These stands are easy to do yourself with the help of thick wire, bent into a loop and attached to a piece of wood. In the absence of the ability to make such a stand of the product during storage it is necessary to stamp the paper (especially white shoes) and clean the box.

For easy storage of shoes, you can use hangers, made of dense fabric, which are nailed on the inside of the cupboard door. Such hanger has pockets designed for each item separately. How to store shoes in the winter right? For example, beige shoes to wear at this time does not make sense, and if not properly stored, it deteriorates.

Useful tips on storing shoes in the winter

The kind of Shoe storage is open or closed and depends on the destination and type of product (long-term storage of seasonal shoes and for short periods of casual shoes).

Before storing shoes should carefully clean, wash, dry and process the cream. For disinfection products need to use a special tool or a cotton swab dipped in the vinegar solution.

Expensive footwear, and products made from the huskies, it is advisable to store on special pads of wood or plastic, which will better retain its original shape.

Inside the unit you can put a small linen bags filled with salt to absorb moisture.

The product is best stored upright in a dry and ventilated room where there is no access to sunlight.

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