How to store linen?

Today we will talk with you about such a delicate subject, as the proper storage of linen. After all, underwear is a very delicate accessory, it can raise our mood and give confidence. We can enchant and seduce. So let us keep it beautiful.

How to store linen?

Storing linen in the closet

If you allow the space, can put your underwear separate Cabinet or part Cabinet, where you can your clothes hang on hangers. These can be special hangers for clothes and a small plastic hanger. In this form underwear sets can be purchased in the store. It looks nice, and at the same time, so to keep linen very comfortable. With the help of hangers, you can also make your bedroom a real storefront that will keep your beautiful lingerie. You will also be able to equip your shelves with additional lighting.

How to store linen?

Another good option for storing your underwear can become soft and comfortable hanger from fabric. On these racks you can store t-shirts, combinations, bodysuits, corsets, and babydolls. These hangers will give your closet comfort.

Compact storage

In conditions of shortage of places you can choose for compact storage on shelves of the cupboard or in drawers. To avoid clutter, use a separate box, a special box or organizer in order to store linen in special boxes where it is comfortable enough to put panties or socks.

Also nowadays you can buy a special organizer for home storage of clothes. For example, a very convenient organiser for the transport and storage of bras. In this organizer, your bras will never stupid and won’t wrinkle.

If you have a large number of bras, you can store them to allocate a separate drawer and store them a Cup to a Cup.

Store of tights and socks

It is equally important for women to properly store tights and socks. Because women and girls socks too much, they can be beautiful and simple, with interesting decor. And the tights already and can not speak, they are every woman a lot: Nude and black, thin and thick, textured and colored. They can also be stored in specially designated boxes or cartons.

How to store linen?

Socks and tights you can roll the tube, the socks have not lost a pair and kept together.

You can also store your socks in a box with cells to separate each pair.

Also in the furniture market are sold any chests with embedded cells. They have to store socks and underwear is very convenient.

You will also be able to make such separators themselves are made of plastic.

In addition, you can keep your socks folded in a large box or basket. This way your socks don’t get mixed up, and they will be conveniently out of it.

Storage of men’s underwear and socks you can also buy or adapt a box. However, you should consider the fact that men’s socks usually take up more space and cells they need more. Such boxes with increased cells also today you can buy.

Furthermore, in boxes with larger cells you can store your tights.

Buy yourself an organizer to store or build them yourself. The main thing that your linen was stored adequately.

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