How to restore leather shoes correctly?

How to restore leather shoes correctly?

If the material of the shoes lost their luster, scratched or cracked, it is not necessary to remove the product in a Cabinet, you just need to learn how to repair leather shoes. There are many ways to revive the skin, help the product to last for a long time.

The means used to restore shoes

Without adequate nutrition, proper cleanup and thorough drying of the leather products are deformed, they appear unsightly wrinkles and creases. To preserve the appearance of shoes needs to care for the skin after each use. Need with a damp sponge (or soft rag) to wipe the surface of the product. You should then dry the shoes away from heating appliances.

For skin care you can buy a special tool, such as a spray to treat the surface of the Shoe. Next you need to Polish the outer surface of the product by barchacky. These cosmetic products for footwear to cope with severe contamination and return the product to its original appearance.

To restore Shine to approximately twice a week to treat the surface of the dried leather Shoe cream that has a water repellent effect. The main purpose of the cream soften the skin and prevent the appearance of cracks in it.

How to restore leather shoes that has faded? To restore the color of the product need to use coloring tools, with which you can not only upgrade your old shoes to disguise scratches and refresh its color, but also to protect from cracking.

The restore sequence shoes

The most effective way to appeal to a Shoe shop that provides a service for the recovery of the skin. This requires certain material costs, but the shoes can be used in the future for another several seasons.

To remove the stains that appeared on the Shoe in the process of operation, you need to RUB the contaminated area with bulb, cut in half. You can also use a tampon, moistened in onion juice.

Dull shoes should be treated regularly with vaseline (a children’s cream, glycerin). Moreover, glycerol eliminates the traces of mold that can appear from damp. After this procedure, the material is soft and shiny. Excess oil should be removed with a paper towel or a soda solution.

The next operation is the painting of the shoes (a uniform spray of paint across the surface of the product). Then dried the product should liberally lubricated cream. After restoring the leather shoes dirt and chemicals it is not terrible.

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