How to remove scratches on the shoes

How to remove scratches on the shoes

Everyone loves attractive, stylish and quality products, but not many people know how to remove scratches on the shoes. Not all know how to properly care for your favorite products, and urban streets are not in perfect condition. Therefore, the footwear loses its marketability, for example, it appears undesirable scratches.

Some ways of cleaning scratches on shoes

The damage shouldn’t be upset, as there is in the sale quite a large number of various tools that help the owner of the Shoe on its own to get rid of such troubles.

It is relatively easy to self-repair items made of thin skin (for example, stitching shoes with the awl, you will spend a little more effort). To fix the «bullies», you should apply a thin coat of colorless nail Polish on the damaged piece of material and the basis under it. Instead of varnish, you can apply a chemical like Kolodiy, or special glue, which is used to repair leather products. Should press the problem area with your finger, wrapped with a dry cloth. After a few minutes, the material will easily stick on and will stay for a long time.

Scratches on the thin material can be easily removed with the help of glue «Moment», BF-2 or any other similar means. How to remove scratches on the shoes of the likes? Removal of damage on the shoes of kid leather will need nail Polish of dark color. The damaged area using a brush you need to handle this glossy tool — you can do it quietly and almost perfectly. The disadvantage of this method «disguise»: he will not stay more than 14 days. So after a couple of weeks, this coverage will have to be updated.

How to remove Shoe difficult scratches?

The Shoe manufacturers offer a variety of tools that are designed to care for products made from a specific material (like, faux suede and leather), as well as proper washing of footwear with the features of materials. These include: spray, cream, wax, and special brushes. To favorite shoes have always been in excellent condition, you need to use these tools, guided by certain recommendations.

For serious scratches on your leather products should be used very special tools. The damaged area can be treated finishing (bee) wax. In the absence of the ability to use one type of wax, you must apply the normal paraffin candle.

Before the procedure, the wax needs to warm up a bit, and then gently applied on the problematic area and carefully RUB with a soft cloth of flannel. The treated site for color product you need to immediately paint over the usual felt-tip pen or cream to match the shoes.

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