How to remove salt on the shoes?

How to remove salt on the shoes?

Fashionistas often have to deal with the difficult question, how to remove salt on the shoes. In regular snow, no salt, but in urban environments the products quickly there is a RAID of salt. This salt has a rather complicated structure, containing a small amount of table salt. Difficult stains leave the salt of magnesium, calcium and other substances that cause water hardness. Therefore, choosing shoes for the leather jacket, you should think about its durability.

Guidelines for cleaning salt from shoes

If the shoes are made of genuine leather, the procedure for removal of the salt coating is expressed in the mechanical action. Below whitish stains are gone, thoroughly wash product in soapy water, wipe dry with a piece of cloth, to dry and process the protective agent. The easiest way to remove salt is a thorough treatment of stains with rubbing alcohol (vinegar).

To solve this problem with the suede is much more difficult, but possible.

1. Should be diluted in water ammonia and gently RUB the stains with a sponge, after cleaning in an inconspicuous area of the product. After this procedure, you need to clean the product semolina, which will absorb the salt.

2. A good result is obtained after a thorough cleaning suede brush with soap and water. However, after this option will have a long time to dry shoes. You should then raise the pile, holding the product over boiling water, and comb with a brush with bristles made of silicone.

3. You need to sprinkle tooth powder on the problem area and perform cleaning with a special brush.

4. How to remove salt on the shoes with your potato? Should a potato, cut in half, cleaned with saline and dry place product. Then brush the suede with a special brush.

Preventive measures that are easy to clean Shoe stains of salt

The ideal method of dealing with salt stains is prevention, prevent the problem. For leather products you can apply the following effective method. On new clothes, you should carefully apply the spray, not forgetting to pay attention to the sock, the zipper, the seams, the sections of the bend. You should then dry the shoes out of the foam at room temperature, and at night be treated with a cream wax which creates a protective layer. Products treated this way, after use in bad weather quite wash with water and raids will disappear quickly. Not recommended for products in the winter to use the cream, liquid consistency.

In the prevention of suede footwear, be aware of the impregnation. After applying this tool, it is good to dry clothes. This procedure will be able to maintain the appearance of suede products to protect from the appearance of salt stains in the future and extend the life.

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