How to properly and wisely choose a mink coat?

In this article you will learn how to choose a mink coat. Gorgeous coat — every woman’s dream. But the focus of extolling the mink fur coat that is. These coats are by far the most gorgeous and luxurious, and, not least, they are very durable. Gorgeous look of fur with this kind of fur will keep for about 10 seasons with careful care.

1. How to determine the right style of coat for You? If a woman is tall and has a slim figure, the best style just can’t be, because in fact any coat will look on a girl is fine. But, if the increase in women small, long and lush coats should be avoided. The most important factor when choosing a style, of course, is fitting.

Any model of coats you need to try at least a few times, paying attention not only to how You look in the mirror, but the comfort and feel of the fitting. Because the coat that you choose should completely satisfy You with comfort and convenience. You won’t think the coat is excessively heavy or very light. Each coat need to be 3-5 minutes because this is the optimal time to make decisions about whether You like this coat. And if the decision is final, then soon come into the same shop with a close friend, it could be a husband or a friend. Because the decisions easier to accept if the person knows You well, gives a positive assessment of your appearance.

2. How to choose a quality fur coat? The first thing that would be worth paying attention to — fur. Move your hand over a fur coat, make sure the palms are not latched hairs, lint or fluff. Fur is mandatory should be easy to deal after it is crushed, and the touch should be smooth. If any coat is painted, you must ascertain the quality of the paint. It is easy to check. Squeeze the fur on the coat with a white handkerchief. If there is paint is a coat of poor quality.

If you like fur coat-natural color — carefully make sure that no areas with faded fur, or rust. The fur on the coat is also subject to verification, because it needs to be smooth, smooth, silky. One example of a marriage is rough terrain, it means that the animal was obsesivo your fur. Give extra attention to the seams inside the coat. Threads should be of high quality, and the seams should be smooth. I do not advise You to buy the coat, where used glue instead of stitches. A sign of a reputable manufacturer in the fur industry — not stitched lining.

3. How to avoid fakes. The most important thing is to focus on the quality of the fur, as determined by the authenticity of the fur. A fairly common case of fraud — the use of fur of rabbits or marmots. Such fakes are easy to detect, because the fur of these animals is shorter and softer.

4. Pricing of mink coats. Price of coats depends on the amount used animal skins. The most expensive coat is sewn from whole skins, and pieces made of cheaper. More expensive this coat will be about a third. And the size of whole skins is about 15 by 15 centimeters. This does not mean that fur coats are sewn from pieces of skins do not have such quality. More important is that when sewing the skins were correctly handled and stitched with observance of all norms. If all this is met, then a coat of the pieces can serve not less than the coat with whole skins.

If You decide to purchase a mink coat, you won’t just be charming and elegant and also protect yourself from the frost. Many compliments will not keep itself waiting long, and You will immediately feel the difference between a fur coat and other outerwear!

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