How to pose for pictures (172 pictures)

After you select a beautiful outfit, made the appropriate makeup, and standing before the camera, you come to the understanding that you just don’t know how to pose for pictures.

Most likely, that is why few people are happy with their images. Often, the selected beautiful background, the camera is configured correctly, you have a great view, but the result is not very good pictures.

Of course, many factors depends on how professional is the photographer. One well-known photographer in the world said that it has never seen people who are not photogenic, most often the cause was just inept photographers.

Of course, it is hoped that the photographer has a lot of experience, but it is necessary also to work independently.

Photogenic is not just an innate quality, and often quite hard work. It’s no wonder the model, begin a career, for hours and sometimes all day posing in front of a mirror to memorize specific poses or smiles.

Now we briefly describe how to prepare for photo shoots and how to pose.

Preparation for shooting

Two weeks before an important shoot, you should switch to a healthy lifestyle. That is, longer stay in the fresh air, eat healthy foods, namely vegetables and fruits, to give up alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, try not to worry and not to worry. True beauty is a healthy body and spirit, and in a good mood.

The day before shooting should not drink a lot of water, and it is necessary to reduce the amount of food.

You need to consider in advance all the poses, preferably in front of a mirror to repeat them.

Makeup should not be geeky, and the hair should not be too difficult. Decorations should also be a bit.

How to pose

The most important thing is naturalness.

We should always remember the expression on his face. Like the photo to be too conspicuous facial grimaces. If you’re pinned down, we can afford to relax with a glass of champagne. It will help relieve the stress and make your mood cheerful. Considered the most attractive photo, which shows a man with a burning gaze.

You need to monitor their own posture. For a moment, before the picture is taken, to strain the neck muscles.

Hands should always be in a relaxed state. No need to strain your elbows.

Definitely need to involve the stomach. If you do tilt, it is necessary to remember about bowing back. Only in this case, the photos will capture the contours of the body.

While shooting you need to look a little to the side, but always on some object. However, it is worth remembering that you are a person, not a mannequin. The best photos obtained in the case when at the person there are a lot of emotions.

Possible in front of the camera to play. That is, is to imagine yourself floating under the clouds, dancing in the air or just run. We should not forget about playing with clothes or hair. You need to show a maximum number of emotions — laughter, thoughtfulness, sadness and joy and other emotions.

The most important thing is a bright and real smile. And then the picture will be beautiful and successful.

Poses for photography

Most photographers believe that the most beautiful get a picture of the man’s head turned slightly.

Naturally all the poses to learn, but never take pictures, because can not find a common language with the master. Preferably just listen to his hints and words, and then can get a real miracle.

As they say every girl or woman lives is a great actress. So do not be shy and should just get it out.

You also need to remember that you are the most charming and beautiful.

Below in the photo gallery you will see how to pose for pictures :

How to pose for pictures (172 pictures)

How to pose for pictures (172 pictures)

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